Who Am I?

Who Am I?

If you’ve clicked on this link, you’re probably either really inquisitive or extremely nosey. But you’ll find no judgement here, and I’m pleased that you want to know who I am. I often ask myself ‘Who Am I?’ and so far I’ve drawn a blank. But I shall persevere and tell you a bit about who I am.

My name is Paul Dance, and I’m a freelance writer currently living in Thailand. There we go, that was quite easy actually. But I shan’t stop here as I feel as though I could be on a roll here!

So how did I end up here?

For many years I never really got out of my comfort zone until about eight years ago when I began to write and perform stand up comedy in the UK. I enjoyed those years, but then due to ill-health, I had to step away from the late nights and constant travelling.

After six months of recuperation which mainly involved lying in bed almost 24 hours a day, I had the feeling of ‘what now?’ I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone again and travel to a far and distant land…the furthest I’d been on my own was…erm, nowhere. So I left on a two-week holiday to Thailand and fell in love with the place.

Having had to stop performing comedy and with no other ties holding me to London, I decided to try to make a go of things and see if I could live in Thailand as a freelance writer. And so here I am, and this is my website. I have a blog of what I’m up to, some tips of things to do in Thailand, a page where you can find my comedy books, and a page dedicated to my comedy character creation, Henri H Henry.

Thanks for reading, please subscribe and stick around, let’s have a brew and get to know each other…my spelling may sometimes be wrong but I promise to always try to be funny and interesting.

If you wish to ask me any work related or personal questions feel free to message me.

All comedy this way – Henri H Henry

For Books, this way – My Books

Thai info over here – Things To Do In Thailand

Or for general ramblings, over this way – My Thailand Blog

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  1. Go Jules Go says:

    What an adventure! I recently moved from New Jersey to Oregon and thought that was stepping outside of my comfort zone 😉

    1. Haha, any step out of a comfort zone is a difficult one, no matter how far you go. My leap was down to HAVING to do it or feeling crap for the rest of my life – it kind of became easier after that 🙂 Thanks for commenting

      1. Go Jules Go says:

        Amen! I told a friend that when the “STAYING” (i.e., not changing) became the more terrifying prospect, I knew it was time.

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