Things To Do In Thailand

Things To Do In Thailand

If you’ve clicked this page you probably have some interest in Thailand, (yes, I am so alert!). I will be using this page (and continuously updating) to give tips or advice of things to do in Thailand, places to visit, things to avoid and little pointers of what to expect if you plan a visit here. Before you continue, I should probably warn you that I tend to go off into tangents from time to time, but I hope that gives these pages something different than the usual ‘guides’ that you can find.

I really hope it will be useful to you and feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.

Dive right into one of the main reasons people love Bangkok – The Top 5 Must See Temples In Bangkok

Top 5 must see temples of bangkok
The Top 5 Must See Temples in Bangkok

One of Bangkok’s oldest temples and the site of a gruesome tale – The Golden Mount and The Vultures of Bangkok

a upward photo of the golden mount temple
The Golden Mount

If you’re a fan of temples made almost entirely from porcelain (who isn’t?) then maybe Wat Arun The Temple of Dawn is the one for you.

Wat Arun

The first temple I ever visited in Bangkok is still probably the most visually stunning. I prefer the Golden Mount for it’s history but The Temple Of The Emerald Buddha is a sight to behold!

A Shot of The Temple of the Emerald Buddha
Stunning Temple of Bangkok

Getting Around

One of the daunting aspects of any trip abroad is how best to get around. The following posts are my experiences of travelling around Bangkok and Thailand.

Take a trip along Bangkok’s mighty river – Chao Phraya Boat Trip

A Boat Trip Along The Chao Phraya River
Chao Phraya Boat Trip

If you want to see a side to Bangkok rarely seen, then I strongly recommend a trip on one of the many canals. The Best Way To Travel Around Bangkok

It’s a great way to see a different side of the city, and in my view one of the best things to do in Bangkok

The Best Way To Travel Around Bangkok


If nature is your thing and you feel the need for some greenery you could visit The Most Unusual Temple In Bangkok

If it’s nature of a more sedate type then check out The Best Park In Bangkok

Lumpini Park

The Art Of Bangkok

Like all major cities, Bangkok is home to amazing works of art, young and old. The country has a strong urban art seen and if that tickles your pickle then I know just the place – The Best Street Art in Bangkok? Chalermla Park

a piece of street art on the side of a house
Street Art in Thailand

If you prefer your art to be of a more traditional vibe then gaze in wonder at The Ramakien Mural – The Ramakien Mural: The Origin Myth Of A Nation.

Traditional Art of Thailand

More To Thailand Than Temples

If you’ve had your fill of temples Thailand, and Bangkok has much more going for it. This is a list of places I’ve been that may be of interest to you. Jim Thompsons house is a popular destination and offers a glimpse into a bygone age.

Jim Thompson’s House: A Glimpse of Thailand’s Past

A Man In Awful Shorts Standing Outside Jim Thompsons House

I tend to talk about my shorts as much as this beautiful heritage site, but it should give you a taste of it. If you prefer animals to teak furniture, and who doesn’t, you could do worse than spend a couple of hours in The Big Dog Cafe Bangkok

And yes, that’s me in the photo…on the left of the picture!

A Man Excited To Be Sitting Next To A Dog

If fluffy animals is not your thing and you prefer to a slighly more ‘traditional’ experience you could check out a Muay Thai boxing match – Muay Thai Boxing And Eating Hot Dogs At Rajadamnen Stadium

Muay Thai Boxing Ring

Not Just Bangkok!

Obviously, there is a lot more to Thailand than Bangkok. The following posts are some places I’ve visited that I would recommend!

First is Wat Samphran Dragon Temple: The Craziest Temple I’ve Ever Seen

Wat Samphran

If you plan to travel further afield, then I strongly urge you to visit one of Thailand’s oldest city’s Chiang Mai – The Temples of Chiang Mai: Part 1

Stunning Temples