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My Writing Portfolio

Hi, I’m Paul, and thanks for checking out my writing portfolio. Below you will find published articles and blog posts that I have written. As you will see, I enjoy writing about a wide range of topics but focus on music, film, travel, history, and comedy.

Despite my main areas of expertise mentioned above, I am always keen to learn about new things and always take this skill into any job. My main aim is to make the customer happy by giving my all to every job. If you are looking for an article or blog post in any field, drop me a message. Likewise, I’ve also got significant experience writing copy for PR companies and social media management.

I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting jobs so if you think I fit the bill, let’s chat.

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I regularly write for an online store that specialises in music and movie inspired apparel. Follow the links below to see more.

Dolly Parton with a guitar.
Dolly Parton

When Jane Fonda asked Dolly Parton to appear in the movie ‘9 To 5’, she would only agree with the condition she could write the theme song. From that conversation, one of Parton’s greatest hits was born.


The filming was besieged by one problem after another. Friction between the actors, a shark that didn’t work, and running over schedule and budget making the entire film look like a flop. By the end of filming, the movie blockbuster was born, and Hollywood would never be the same again.

Black and white photo of David Bowie playing a guitar
David Bowie

Many critics dismissed David Bowie’s debut single, Space Oddity, just a novelty record cashing in on the imminent lunar landings in 1969. The inspiration for this seminal work is actually a different tale altogether.

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Travel Writing

Having lived in Thailand for a number of years now I am in a unique position to able to write a blog about many of the places I go and the things I see. Below are a selection of posts, so if travel writing is your thing, let me know.

Interview Articles

I also have experice in writing interview articles like this one for The Wee Short Magazine in 2019. For the article I had to interview several comedians about their upcoming shows. Click on the image and make your way to page 26 of the magazine to see the article.

My Comedy Writing

A collection of people all reading books by Henri H Henry

The Henri H Henry ‘Brief Collection’

For many years I wrote and performed stand up comedy, travelling the country with my solo show as a comedy character called Henry von Stifle.

I later adapted some of the material written during this time into a series of comedy books. You can click on the image to see more.

If you’re looking for any writing of a comedic nature I’d love to talk to you. All of the books in this collection are fake historical lectures. Some of the subjects I cover are;

  • Police Academy Movies
  • Furniture
  • Walls
  • Pandemics

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Goes above and beyond”

Paul has been a fantastic help in the development of GTFO magazine as well as writing articles over the years for Short Com and The Wee Short Magazine. He always goes above and beyond and professional in his practice. He also has an excellent comic and creative mind that is always looking to put his imagination to good use.. Thoroughly recommended.

Chris Aitken (Creative Director at Short Com)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Fantastic quality”

Despite only working with us for a short time, Paul has shown himself to be an important part of our team. He has shown a passion for his work and has the ability to deliver exactly what we’re looking for.

Pat Hughes (Owner of

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