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A man so seemingly stupid he could be a genius.

Ask henri H HENRY

A series of videos in which Henri answers sent in by the general public.

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Investigative podcasts on subjects such as sharks and fame. Listen to one now and discover sinister findings.

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Henri’s literary achievements have to be read to be believed

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“Look at this page.

Henri H Henry
The Page (This one)

On this page, you will find links to all of Henri H Henry’s impressive array of work. Podcasts, books and videos are all here.


Thank you for stopping by. The following sentences are the introduction to this page. Why have I written the introduction below most of the items on this page? That’s a question you may be asking yourself… I’m not asking it, I know why but you may be confused, and I was putting myself in your shoes. It’s called a rhetorical question.

I’ve put the introduction near the bottom of the page because I am a maverick who doesn’t play by the rules (unless there is some legal requirement to follow them such as driving at 40mph in a 30mph zone or throwing apples at a lame goat).

By placing the introduction down here you will now know that you are dealing with someone that pushes boundaries. That’s me and my name is Henri H Henry. I write books, film educational videos and record podcasts that delve into the sinister corners of society. So, please pull up a chair (or remain seating in the one you are currently in) and take a look around.

Then subscribe to my email and sleep well with the knowledge that you have done something wise today. I’m not doing this for financial gain but if you buy one of my book you will be as happy as Beryl, pictured below.

Someone reading a book
Be Like Beryl and read Henri H Henry

If you would like to know more about my first book, ‘A Brief History of Pandemics’ you can click here A Brief History Of Pandemics

If this introduction has you completely sold on my genius, you can Contact me to tell me how much you love me and want me to write for you.