Positive Affirmations Direct From The Heart

Positive Affirmations Direct From The Heart

It’s that time of the month where I pretend to be someone else for a while in a vain attempt to add some colour to my endlessly boring life. I’ve been making more videos as my comedy character Henri H Henry, and as the title suggests, the video belows consists of genuine positive affirmations direct from the heart.

As you can see from the picture below, this is truly heartfelt.

Positive Affirmations

As regular readers will know, I am a ray of sunshine in a darkening world. I’m usually sweaty too, but then, so would you be if you were literally a ray of sunshine.

I’ve already filmed seven of these bad boys, so you have much more positivity to look forward to. Just think, by the end of these seven videos you too could be a little ray of sunshine.

I could say more, and I usually do, but I think it’s best left here and allow you to let my positivity wash over you like a piece of lettuce covered in hair wax.

Thank me later…

Need More Positivity?

If this is your first time entering the world of Henri H Henry then firstly, I pity you. Luckily though, you can find more videos of him here as he asnwers many of the worlds pressing questions. Some Funny Videos

And if all of that wasn’t enough, (I’m spoiling you now), you can find several head rocking podcasts – https://anchor.fm/HenriHenry

I’ve also written book under the guise of this character but I won’t show off about that today. I’ll save it for later.

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  1. I’m sure glad your sweating is a silent activity. I don’t think I could take the intermingled sounds of phlegm and sweat. Other than that, I’m feeling very positive, so thank you.

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