The Doors of Bangkok

The Doors of Bangkok

I recently started an Instagram in which I post photos of doors. No, wait! Come back! As uninteresting as that may sound to some of you, Instagram accounts of just doors are actually very popular. And, as I am always ahead of the trends, I am pleased to say that my account, The Doors of Bangkok is the first of its type. I find it hard to believe but nobody is taking photo’s of the doors here!

By the end of this post, you’ll hopefully see for yourself that Bangkok doors deserve their very own Instagram account.

Bangkok has modern doors, old doors, bright doors, boring doors, and absolutely knackered looking doors.

Here are my top-10 doors of Bangkok

Old Door In China Town

Basically, A Fire Hazard

The Best Photo of a Yellow Door and Wall Anyone Has Ever Taken!

Another China Town Door That Is Actually The Entrace To A Coffee Shop

A Door Trying To Stay Young

A Door That Is Down With The Kids

A Bangkok Door That Thinks It’s In Morroco

Down With The Kids But Not Really Trying

A Green Fire Extinguisher Just To Add A Dash of Colour

And Finally, but by no means least…

If The Singer Prince Had Owned A Bank Or Jail

So you see, doors are cool and the ones here are amazing!

If this is your kind of bag and want to see more –

Or maybe you want art of a more modern kind – The Best Street Art in Bangkok? Chalermla Park

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  1. Rivergirl says:

    I hate to burst your trendsetting bubble, but there’s a guy named Norm Frampton on WordPress who’s been doing Thursday Doors for years. You should find him and post your link though…. those are some pretty fab doors.

    1. And here’s me, the original trendsetter thinking I was breaking bounderies only to be shattered once more.

      1. Rivergirl says:

        I hated to be the one to do it, but someone had to.

    2. I will add my voice here too. Norm’s Thursday Door are fabulous!

  2. Dang! You (and everyone else) beat me to the punch. I have three “doors” posts finished and waiting in my drafts file (for some crazy future week when I can’t find time to write). I also have a “windows” post, but shhhh… don’t tell anyone. I want to be the trendsetter with that one.

    These doors are great, especially the blue header picture.

  3. Rivergirl says:

    On a brighter note if you link to Norm’s posts, you might tempt people to follow you. His doors are quite popular. Unlike you…

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