The Best Place To Eat In Phuket’s Old Town.

The Best Place To Eat In Phuket’s Old Town

Call off the search everyone. Put your travel guides down for I have found the best place to eat in Phuket’s Old Town.

I enjoy Thai food immensely, but I very seldomly write about it. I enjoy lots of food, but I never write about it or feel the need to take a photograph of it. Ok, I love cakes and will fight anyone to the death for a slice of chocolate fudge cake but writing about food is not something I ever think about doing. That all changed after two mouthfuls of food at what is undoubtedly the best place to eat in Phucket’s old town.

The Best Place To Eat In Phuket’s Old Town

With the easing of the Covid lockdown in Thailand fully underway, the government is encouraging Thai people to get back out and fill the gaps left by the complete lack of foreign tourists. One way they’re doing this is offering subsidised hotels rooms in, well, pretty much hotel in the entire country. With the promise of a cheap holiday on the cards and no way of getting out of Thailand, we have booked a few trips around Thailand in the coming months.

But I digress. Let’s talk food. I’d heard of Phukets white sandy beaches and crystal clear water but I had no idea about the island old town which is imaginately called Phuket Town. I’ll make a seperate blog about that in the future but let’s just say, this could be love! It’s sometimes hard to describe an old town but Phuket town had a strong arty vibe with street art around every corner.

But again, I digress. It was while we were on the way to the old town from our hotel that the taxi driver, who seemed to have not talked to another soul for weeks due to his non-stop stories, told us about the best place to eat in Phuket’s old town.

After saying our goodbyes to him, we followed his directions and found ourselves standing in front of Lock Tien a small open-air food court in the centre of the town.

Lock Tien Food Court

The Starter

One aspect of life in Thailand that every one new discovers is that you can never judge the quality of food served by your surroundings. In my experience, if anything, you can assume that if a place has a no-frills vibe about it, then the food is likely to taste from another planet.

This is the case at Lock Tien, and that taste of heaven that I experienced is enough to make Phuket an early front runner as somewhere to live. Yes, I’m saying it – I would consider moving to Phuket because of Lock Tien.

The Best Place To Eat In Phuket’s Old Town

Not only had the taxi driver told us where to eat, but he also told us what to eat. Malinee had heard of the dish he had so energetically told us about so we had no qualms of ordering. We were both delighted we did.

The first dish is Po Pia Sod Hok Kien (Fujian Fresh Spring Rolls) and it arrived like this…

Fujian Fresh Spring Rolls

Just looking at this photograph is making me cry due to the fact it could be a while before I can be alone with this dish again. It’s a spring roll stuffed with vegetables and covered in a sauce that if I can recollect correctly, was like the sauce of the gods. I’m not saying gods have a preferred sauce or even like any but if they do then this is it!

The Best Food In Phuket

We had only ordered one to share as I had a feeling it was going to be too big, but I regret that now. There are certain times in your life you regret not doing something and only ordering one Po Pia Sod Hok Kien will always rank high on my list of what could have been.

I’m not even sure I can continue with this blog post, in all honesty, such is my regret. You may think I’m overreacting slightly but go and try it for yourself and try to stop after eating the first one. I can tell you now; you won’t be able to walk away until you are barely able to haul your stomach off the seat.

The Main Course

Within seconds of looking longingly at the empty plate from my starter the main course arrived and yet again, Lock Tien made a mockery of 5-star restaurants with this…

Hokkien Noodles Soup Lock Tien

Hokkien Noodles Soup. The dish contains shrimp, red pork, noodles, fish balls, some kind of dim sum and lettuce. I could wax lyrical for three paragraphs about how tasty it is but why waste all that time when you should be booking a flight to Phuket right now. Book the flight now and get there. Don’t worry about booking a hotel; you’re just wasting time, you can arrange accommodation after eating.

I’m serious, go on!

I’m looking at properties that overlook Lock Tien that I can move into right away!

Lock Tien is situated on the intersection of Dibuk and Yoawarat roads.

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  1. Rivergirl says:

    So what you’re saying is…. food-good.
    Got it.

    1. I’m glad I got my point across clearly.

  2. Don’t hold back Liveandletthai. Tell us how you REALLY feel about this place.

    1. Meh, it was ok…

  3. I wish! Can’t wait to get there and get eating! Mel

    1. When you get there, let me know and you can order a delivery for me! 🍲 🚗

      1. Will do! It may be a little cold by the time it gets to you, but I am sure it will still be delicious!

      2. It will taste good whatever state it’s in 🤤🤤🤤

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