A Brief History Of Pandemics

A Brief History of Pandemics

A Brief History of Pandemics is, in the words of it’s author, Henri H Henry, a look at the history of pandemics in a brief manner.

Some of you will know I also write as a comedy character, Henri H. Henry. Henri is a nice man, but due to many, many reasons is utterly lost in the world. He tries to act as if he is talented, knowledgable and articulate but is instead, misinformed, misguided and quite often miserable. You could say he has many similar qualities to many of the people who seem to be in charge of the world.

If he is anything, though, he is a trier. He will never give up on the chance of getting that one break, that one moment in the spotlight.

He’s tried everything for that feeling of being worshipped by the general public—singing, dancing, comedy, hairdresser and now an author. His first book is possibly one of the most important books of this generation – A Brief History of Pandemics, a brief look at a subject more relevant to humanity than ever before.

This book is also the first book in a series of 12 with 11 more planned for release over the next 11 months. Yes, that’s correct, Henri will be releasing one book a month for a year, and each one will cover a fascinating and essential historical topic.

A Taster

Here’s a little snippet from ‘Pandemics.’

‘Viruses are like bad coughs’

Wow! See, it looks fascinating.

Ok, that maybe wasn’t a long enough snippet for you to fully grasp the brilliance of this work so here is a longer piece;

One week after the first case, over seven people had a rash under their ear lobes. The doctors, unable to pinpoint the cause of the outbreak, decided to give up trying. The pandemic was in full flow, and by the end of the second week, three people had died. It was discovered sometime later that one of the deaths was actually a monkey dressed in a tie and spectacles, but the fear that swept through the city was no less horrifying.

That snippet is about one of the first pandemics in history that started in Athens after an argument about cheese.

My Book

So if you would like to read further you can follow the link to Amazon and download it for Kindle. Or, if you’ve no kindle and would like a hard copy, then hang tight as that is currently in the works through Amazon’s print on demand service.

If you don’t want to buy it either way, that is also understandable. What you could do is just leave a review (preferably positive) and give it lots of stars!

Here be the link

And if you’re STILL not sure, take a look at the photo below. A totally undoctered photo of an elderly lady enjoying it. This phot is real and was not uploaded to the website placeit.net

someone reading a brief history of pandemics by Henri H Henry

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  1. Rivergirl says:

    A book a month? That will increase his chances for a Pulitzer.

    1. I admire your blind optimism!

  2. A crucial topic at a time like this.

    1. I hope it helps someone!

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