Some More Slightly Funny Videos

Some More Slightly Funny Videos

As you can see I’ve named this post ‘Some More Slightly Funny Videos’. The title doesn’t really ‘sell’ it does it? If this is your first time here and you’ve stumbled across this site looking for some funny videos then this could be the thing you’re looking for but you’re unsure due to my lack of confidence in my own material.

You could, of course watch these ones first Some Funny Videos

As you can see by the title, I had way more confidence in those videos. Nothing ‘slightly’ funny about those one. Well, I guess if you enjoy those ones then you’re probably going to like these ones as they’re pretty much the same but with lots of different words in them.

These videos have proved to be very popular on other social media platforms and in fact one of them has a viewing total of over 23 times on YouTube so you really do have your fingers on the pulse of what’s happening in British comedy.

Moving Forward

I’m not expecting international fame from making these short videos but I would like to reach 100 subscribers on YouTube. I don’t know why I want 100 but if I reach that figure I can then understand the emotians that are felt by cult leaders. Let’s be honest, that’s a feeling everyone should experience at least once in there life.

I read that anyone that has a large following on platforms such as YouTube and Twitter does so by having quality videos that people want to watch (I’ve got that in the bag) and by posting at regular intervals. The regular intervals aspect has held me back at times but I think you should be warned now that this is about to change.

The ‘plan’ is to post three videos a week on YouTube and then put all three of them here once a week. There are 52 weeks in a year so that’s 3 multiplied by 52 which equals something way over 100. If I was to post 100 videos, the law of averages says that at least 4 of them will be funny.

So…let the fun begin (I mean, it began in the last blog of videos but you get what I mean)

Healthy Eating
Healthy Eating

That’s right…stunning work, isn’t it? Slighty.

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