Plans Are What Happen When You’re Busy Trying To Live

Plans Are What Happen When You’re Busy Trying To Live

As far as I know, it was John Lennon who wrote the line, “life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”. It’s a line from his track Beautiful Boy, and although Lennon clearly must have heard it somewhere else, it’s his voice I hear singing it when I think of that expression.

Well, I have a new saying and that plans are what happen when you’re busy trying to live. Currently, I have so many plans that I seem to have forgotten to live. Although many of the plans are good things, it seems impossible for me to do ‘plans’ without other things falling by the wayside

‘Balance’ is not a word that I commonly associate with my life, whether that be my eating habits, my moods or working. The eating habits and the dispositions are certainly improving, but my working ‘balance’ seems to be letting the whole side down at the moment.

Working Class Hero

I’m not going to pretend I’m the hardest working man alive, but it seems to either be famine or feast with me. It’s safe to say that recently I’ve been experiencing the feast side of work. Hence my lack of action on this blog. Then, when I get to the end of whatever job I had planned for any particular day, I want to switch on my Kindle Fire and play a football management game and get Wrexham Town FC into the Champions League.

I’m not complaining about ‘work’; I just would like not to become so embroiled in it that I forget to do other things such as writing on here and seeing what people are doing.

(I know I have written a blog similar to this before so I won’t keep going on about it)

To Covid Or Not Covid

A catch-up blog wouldn’t be a catch-up blog if I didn’t mention the latest COVID news here in Thailand. We’ve still had less than 60 deaths and hardly any new cases other than people arriving into the country with it (bloody foreigners with their dirty germs!). I’ve read one or two articles from other countries now about how Thailand seems to have dodged a Covid shaped bullet. However, there still seems to be no understanding of how we’ve got away with it, other than due to Thailand’s high humidity resulting in the virus being unable live as long on surfaces.

Other News

In other news, I am now officially a holder of a 12-month marriage visa after jumping through an array of hoops of all shapes and sizes. Without going into too much detail because, well, who wants too much detail, we started the 12-month visa process in late March, and it was finally resolved about ten days ago (early July).

Look, I’m not complaining (well, I am), because I’m from a country in the process of a self-sabotage process of closing its borders down to anyone that isn’t a Conservative Party funding Russian oligarch or a premier league football club owner from Saudi Arabia. But it seems like an awful lot of red tape goes into finding out if I married my wife so that I can live here without having to fly out of the country every three months.

Other, Other News

I am so close to opening up my e-commerce store selling print on demand products that I can barely contain my frustration that it isn’t ready yet. This is where a lot of my time has gone recently. It will be easier to wait and share it on this blog than try to explain what I have done, but I’m delighted with the results… But… I’ve had a problem with the images of what it is I’ll be selling so I’ve had to delay the grand opening until towards the end of this month. I’ve gone down a few paths (that have generally ended nowhere) trying to get things up and running over here, but I seem to be on the way finally!

Other, Other, Other News

I have also written the first book in a series of twelve that I plan to release monthly (that’s one per month for a year for those of you with a less than firm grasp of maths).

The books are written under the guise of my comedy character Henri H Henry and each on is a short history of a particular topic. I used to use this blog as a way of dumping it all out of my brain onto paper, and after some outstanding editing, I am now ready to start releasing them. I’ll leave a link in my next blog post.

Other, Other, Other, Other News

Myself and the wife are off to Phuket this Friday for a long weekend and is our first foray out since the covid came to town. We had initially planned to go to the UK this summer but things being the way they are we can’t. Instead, we are going to go on a few mini-breaks around Thailand to get a feel for certain places before deciding where we would like to settle down. We know we don’t really want to live in Bangkok for much longer but we’re not sure where to go – so we’re just going to visit lots of places and see which feels right.

So strap yourself in for a sweaty tale of my time in Phuket sometime next weekend!

Other, Other, Other, Other, Other News

No, that’s it.

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  1. Rivergirl says:

    I was ready to heavily berate your absence but it seems you have valid excuses damn it. I hate when that happens. Enjoy your trip, searching for a new home port sounds like fun, viral apocalypse not withstanding. Good luck!

    1. Thank you, maybe I’ll wait before I buy anywhere as with a bit of luck the prices may go down if we have an apocolypse.

      1. Rivergirl says:

        Start checking the obituaries for real estate. That’s where the real bargains are…

      2. Pro-tip by the sounds of it! (sorry for not replying for ages – i had a weird problem where I couldn’t comment on anything. Something to do with my ‘jetpack’. All sorted now thankfully! But it was very stressful!)

      3. Rivergirl says:

        That’s alright. At this point I’m used to you dropping off the face of the planet..

      4. Haha – yep, guilty as charged.

  2. Damian says:

    Have a brilliant long weekend in Phuket 😁.

    1. Thank you, sir! Hope you are well x

  3. Ooh. I do hope a move to a more permanent home will mean a pet dog for you soon.

    1. Ooh and with you saying that I can not think of anything else now!!

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