30-Day Song Challenge

The day has finally arrived. The day we have all been pleading for since around day 4 or 5. Day 30 of the 30 day song challenge. On this day of days my task is to choose a song that ‘reminds me of myself’.

The 30-day song challenge has tasked me to think of a song using the list below. I decided to write a blog post about each day’s choice as a writing exercise and an exercise it sure has been. And like all exercise, I’m left sweating, in pain and in need of respiratory aid at the end.

30-Day Song Challenge

Day 30

I don’t need reminding me of myself as I am stuck with myself the entire time. If you think it’s exhausting just reading these posts, imagine what it’s like inside my head. It’s like this the whole time! I overthink, I’m slightly overweight, my back is weak, my hip is sore, and my entire body is stiff (except the bit that counts). I’m not as intelligent as people seem to think I am. I’m not even as bright as I think I am.

I get bad indigestion, bad breath and bad feedback on my writing. I lack focus, original ideas and patience. I don’t contact my friends as much as I should; I start so much and finish so little. I have so many ideas, but rarely are they good. I sit too much, eat too much, sweat too much and continuously live in fear of failure.


But, I’m working on them. I’m ok. I’m funny. I love my friends. I love my wife. I love writing. I worry less about the past and less about the future. I love life, laughs and dogs. I’m generally positive now, which has resulted in me working harder and writing more. I am determined and always bounce back from whatever shit comes around. Shit will come about, it’s what shit does. I’ve learned that shit is continuously around the corner, but that doesn’t mean it controls your life, you just deal with it when it presents itself.

I worry less about the things I can’t control and more on the things I can. I make my wife a fruit smoothy and a cup of coffee every morning. I buy cat food for the buildings cleaner who takes care of three stray cats. I call my mum three or four times a week. I’m trying to lose weight, and I’m learning everything I can about setting up my own online e-commerce business.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

I am who I am, not perfect, occasionally angry at myself but in recent years, always trying to be better. If you can wake up every morning and try to be a little bit better, then you’re probably doing ok. You’ll fail sometimes, but that’s also ok.

In this 30-day song challenge, I’ve tried to be more ‘me’ and more open about feelings. I’ve not always succeeded, and I’ve backed out of writing certain things. I’ve deleted sentences for fear of sounding too patronising, too flippant, or a ‘know it all’. It’s quite strange to say that I will be more open in some of my writing as I’ve spent the last 20 years doing the opposite, acting the clown behind a false moustache for so long.

Tell Me Mirror What Is Wrong

I didn’t entirely succeed, but I kept trying. And that comes back to what I wrote a moment ago, I will keep trying, in everything. In my writing, in my business, in my relationships and my life. I want to give a big thank you to all that have read these ramblings, it has been great to set myself this target and to finally reach the end. I hope, despite some awful choices in songs, (that’s what I’m told), you’ve liked at least a few of them.

Can It Be My De La Clothes?

De La Soul was the first hip-hop group I really got into. It’s a love that still burns bright to this day. Me Myself & I is from the trio’s debut album ‘3 Feet High And Rising’ and while this song only peaked at number 22 in the singles chart it was a game changer for me.

There are so many other tracks I could have picked during this song challenge. Some artists I love didn’t get a look in. Neil Young, R.E.M., Bowie, Outkast and many more…maybe I should do another 30-day song challenge? Yes, that sounds great. I’ll just go and lay down for about five or six years first.

If you have Spotify you can find the full list here –


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  1. We made it! You made it; I made it; Rivergirl made it; others I don’t know at all made it. Congratulations us!

    Very heartfelt, I like that. I like your “shit” paragraph. The husband, who was supposed to leave this morning on a bike packing trip to Nevada, is sleeping in because the trip’s cancelled due to logistical and weather reasons. He doesn’t get his trip. I don’t get my alone time. That’s just shit. This is the Year of the Shit.

    Now please, as much as I’ve enjoyed (term used loosely, mind you) your 30 days of musical ramblings, please, PLEASE don’t embark upon a 30-day movie challenge or 30-day recipe challenge or 30-day golf’s greatest moments challenge, or any 30-day challenge! Time to give your poor wife some much needed attention, even though you mentioned… uuh, never mind.

    1. 30-day golf’s greatest moments is a GREAT idea!!!

      Seriously though, thanks so much for sticking with this and commenting so much. I’ve probably alienated half of my followers but I just had to stick with it.

      Sorry for you both that you’re not getting what you want at the moment. It will get better!

  2. Rivergirl says:

    The fact that you kept teasing Neil Young and never chose him tells me all I need to know about you.
    I will now anxiously await 30 days of bad hairdos.

    1. Trust me, it pains me as much as you that I couldn’t get Neil Young in here…I like the hairdos idea but maybe I’ll do 30 days of Neil Young tracks!

      1. Rivergirl says:

        Don’t try to suck up now…. the damage is done.
        And yes, I said that ironically.

      2. But I didn’t use a needle 😉

  3. That’s such a fun challenge! I need to think about mine.
    Are you still in Thailand? How’s that going during the quarantine?
    Cheers from visit50.com

    1. Hi Todd, sorry for the stupidly long time between your comment and my reply! I always forget to ‘approve’ comments! Thanks for your comment and yes it was a fun challenge…most of the time. But so hard to pick certain tracks! Yes, I’m still in Thailand and the quarantine here is pretty much done and we’ve been lucky in having very few cases of it.

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