30-Day Song Challenge Day 27

Day 27 of the 30-day song challenge and today the list is asking me to get all emotional…AGAIN! Doesn’t the creator of this list know that I’m an emotionally stunted Welsh man in his mid-40s? I’ve done quite well up until now, keeping my emotions under a lock and…oh…no, actually, I haven’t. Anyway, I don’t have time to talk about feelings I’m here to write a blog about a song that breaks my heart.

The 30-day song challenge involves me picking a song from the list below over 30 consecutive days. Early on, I came up with the idea of writing a blog post each day about my choices. I may have joked about how bad an idea it was to decide to do this…and I stand by it. Not really. It’s been a lot of fun. Simply put, I’ve been writing more due to this list. I’ve had use my head to think rather than decide what’s for lunch or to work out how many bowls of Coco-Pops per day is too many.

30-Day Song Challenge

Day 27

.As I begin today’s post, I’m amazed that this is the first time Pink Floyd have made an appearance. Pink Floyd were/are simply brilliant musicians that pushed boundaries and themselves to the edge every time they entered a studio. Formed in London in 1965 they went on to become one of the biggest bands of all time selling over 250 million albums worldwide. Their best selling album, Dark Side of the Moon spent 950 weeks on the US album charts. To date, it has sold over 45 million copies.

But the song I’ve chosen is ‘Wish You Were Here’ from the album of the same name. The track was never released as a single, but music fans know those opening notes on the acoustic guitar all around the globe.

Wish You Were Here

So, So You Think You Can Tell

Many people, myself included, believe that ‘Wish You Were Here’ was written by Roger Waters about his friend and founding Pink Floyd member, Syd Barret. Syd left the band in 1968 due to mental health issues but in a recent interview Waters describes writing the song with the break-up of his marriage at the forefront of his mind.

Whatever the inspiration behind the song, many fans believe it is about Syd, just like the 25-minutes masterpiece, ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’. One thing that is not in doubt is Wish You Were Here is a heartbreaking song, whatever your interpretation of it is.

Wish You Were Here

The song is heartbreaking on several levels for me. The surroundings of Syd Barret’s downward spiral is something that could happen to anyone of us or people close to us. The break-up of a marriage or any close relationship, be it with a partner or friend, is always heart-wrenching. Likewise, it can also be about people who are no longer alive. Over the years, the lyrics to this song has meant different things at different times. Today they remind me of my Gran. You would have loved my Gran, everyone pretty much did.

She passed away two years ago at age 96, having suffered from Alzheimer’s for a couple of years. As with all Alziemer sufferers, she was ‘there’, but she wasn’t. She was and still is the biggest inspiration in my life. Her illness changed my life in more than one way. Seeing the change in her, deepened my resolve to live life as best as I can, to not dwell too long on the small things on life. To not get caught up in the things I have no control over. To live my life instead of moaning about it. I just wish she was around now to see me married and to meet my wife.

We all have someone we wish was still here, the best thing we can do for them is to live our lives.

Day 27 of the 30-day song challenge and it’s been an emotional one. But just three more songs to go!

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See you tomorrow!

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  1. Rivergirl says:

    Excellent choice.
    There, I complimented you. Now…. is this thing over yet?

    1. I wish it was. But we’re almost there. Your patience is much appreciated

  2. I like that song. Good choice. May I also recommend Death Cab for Cutie’s “I Will Follow You Into the Dark?” Make sure your tissue box is full.

    Alzheimer’s is such a heartbreaking illness. I’m sorry about your Gran.

    1. Thank you.
      I’ve heard of them but never listened; I’m out off by the name for some reason. I know that’s irrational but…

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