Day 26 of the 300,000-day song challenge and the end feels so close now that I can smell it. It smells quite awful, really, and I’m thinking of calling pest control. Today I have to pick a song that makes me want to fall in love.

The 30-day song challenge tasks me with picking a song, each day, from the list below. I decided early on to write a blog post about each of my choices. If you want to decide for yourself if this was a good or bad idea you can find all of the previous days by heading to my blog page. I think the real challenge has been writing the word ‘challenge’ over and over again without going mad.

30-Day Song Challenge

Now, picking a song that makes me want to fall in love may be a problem as I am already in love and happily married. Therefore, I don’t want to ‘fall’ in love. I don’t want to fall in love if I’m already in love. Am I thinking about this too literally? What if I fall in love and it’s not reciprocated? What is love anyway? Is the humour of the previous sentences coming across or do I sound like someone stupid?

Home, Let Me Come Home

At first glance, picking a song that makes you/me want to fall in love seems like one of the more straightforward songs on the list. That didn’t prove to be the case with me. I struggled quite hard with it. I’m not one of those guys that go in for power ballad type songs where the singer warbles so much that it sounds like their neck is in danger of detaching itself from the rest of the singer’s body.

I also don’t go in for overly soppy lyrics. It’s not that I’m not romantic. It’s also not a criticism of people who do go for that kind of song. Whatever floats your boat and whatever turns you on, that’s all about preference.

The song I’ve chosen is ‘Home’ by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Without knowing the song, you may think that this doesn’t sound like a ‘love’ song, but the lyrics leave the listener in no doubt.

Ah, home, let me come home

Home is wherever I’m with you

And those two sentences pretty much sums up what love is for me.

Edward and the Magnetic Zeros Home

Home Is Wherever I’m With You

Three years ago, I never saw myself living in Thailand, let alone settling down and marrying a Thai. But guess what, life is a bit weird. Oh, and it’s full of surprises.

During my time here I have had to travel back to the UK for several reasons and on one such occassion I wrote a blog about my confusion as to whether I was going home or leaving home.

Going Home Or Leaving Home?

I concluded that I was leaving because my home is with my wife, wherever that may be. The woman that has made me stronger, happier and more content than I ever thought possible. I think at the end of it all, that’s pretty much how we all feel. It’s not the place we’re in that makes us happy; it’s who we are sharing it with.

I do not doubt that having to go back to the UK brought my wife and me closer together. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that. The separation from her made everything more evident and I fell even more in love.

Finding my wife meant finding my home.

‘Home’ is a wonderful song about love and I really hope you take the time to listen to it. Oh and it’s got loads of whistling in it which is a sure sign that you’re in love.

That was day 26 of the 30-day song challenge and this fun bus keeps rolling tomorrow. See you then.

If you’re on Spotify and would like to hear other chosen songs on this list, head over here –


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  1. Rivergirl says:

    Beautiful sentiment… and so true.

    1. Glad you agree. It’s kind of simple at the end of the day 🙂

      1. Rivergirl says:

        I agree with the sentiment, not the song.

      2. This comment makes me want to cry.

  2. bovismavis says:

    Lovely. Just lovely.

    1. Just like you, you silly sausage x

  3. “Loads of whistling” put me off, but I gave you the benefit of the doubt and gave it a listen. Not bad. (I do love a good power ballad, though, especially something like Total Eclipse of the Heart.)

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