30-Day Song Challenge Day 25

Day 25 of the 30-day song challenge asks me to pick a song from an artist who is no longer alive. Someone that has ceased to be, gone to meet his maker, snuffed it. Sorry, I thought quoting Monthy Python would make this one less depressing, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

The 30-day song challenge revolves around me picking a new song every day based on the list below. I am also, for reasons best forgotten, writing a post each day about my choices. I am enjoying this challenge, and I have listened to some old favourites, but choosing is taking up so much time. None more so that today. I just want to have fun…I didn’t expect a Spanish Inquisition.

30-Day Song Challenge

Day 25

So, I haven’t done any extensive research to make the following statement, but I would think there are quite a lot of artists I like that are no longer living. I would say, off the top of my head, that at least 20 singers and musicians are dead at the time of writing this. So if you will excuse me for a moment, I just need to write something before we go any further.

How the fuck can I fucking pick someone that is fucking dead when so many of them were fucking great?!

Ok, now that I’ve got that off my chest, we can move on. Bowie, Lennon, Jackson, Hendrix, Cobain, Mercury… (can you see what I am doing here? I’m listing dead musicians). I could go on, and all would be deserving of being my pick today, but I have to go with someone else. Trust me when I say it was a close call between Bowie and the artist I have picked, but I had to go with Prince in the end.

Then all I had to do was to pick one song by him…………..

I Was Deaming When I Wrote This

After thinking for at least six minutes, I realised I would never be able to decide. But instead of ending this post and 30-day challenge here is a fit of insanity, I thought it best to pick the track I first remember Prince singing.

My pick for today is 1999.

Prince 1999 Single Cover

I still remember seeing the video for 1999. I was in my mum’s house in Wrexham, I was 7 or 8 years old and as well as liking the sound, I was almost kind of confused at what I was seeing. Two beautiful women, wearing very little singing the opening lines, a surgeon playing keyboards and a man that kind of looked like a woman but with a wispy moustache. Not only that, but he was also wearing a large purple coat. Who wears purple? Well, Prince does. And he got away with it too.

Forgive Me If It Goes Astray

.And then there was the actual song. It was about the future! Wow, the future! We’ll all have jet-powered backpacks and flying cars and dancing to this heavily synthesised music with scantily clad women – the future is ace! I’m not saying that 1999 was way ahead of the curve, but for an 8-year-old from Wales it wasn’t like another world, it was another world.

It was a sad day when I heard that Prince had passed away. From those long-gone days in Wales until my adult life his music was a constant. Although he is gone he leaves a musical legacy to match anyone. He played the guitar as well as anyone, danced as well as anyone and was a one-man hit machine. Always pushing himself and much like other artists I love, didn’t take the easy route. He was one of those artists that didn’t need to ‘play the game’ because he orchestrated it. He was a true original whose music will be listened to while people still listen to music.

So that’s day 25 of the 30-day song challenge, the end is in sight!

I’m doing a Spotify playlist for anyone that is on there –


See you tomorrow 🙂

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  1. Rivergirl says:

    Good choice. Much as it kills me to say that…
    I always liked Prince but didn’t fully appreciate his musical genius until after he was gone.

    1. He was an absolute legend.

  2. So I’m guessing when you come to visit I’ll need to take you to see Paisley Park?

    1. Haha – you’re on! Is it close to you then?

      1. It wouldn’t kill me to drive there.

      2. Ah well if it wouldn’t kill you that may be ok then

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