30-Day Song Challenge Day 24

Well hello, there day 24 in the 30-day song challenge! How are you? You’re looking good! Have you lost weight, done something to your hair? Whatever it is, keep doing it, you look fabulous. What’s that? You want me to pick a song by a band that I wish were still together. PIECE OF PISS!

For those of you that don’t understand the term, ‘piece of piss’ it generally means something so easy, you don’t even have to think about it. For me, day 24 is just that, a large, massive piece of piss.

If this is your first time to this blog, the 30-day song challenge is when I pick a song from the list below and write about it. You’ve missed some great days here! You’ve also missed some pretty dreadful ones, but I’ll let you decide which ones when you go back and look at some of the other posts.

30-Day Song Challenge

Day 24

I don’t know how to start writing about this band. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always liked them. I knew the hits, and I knew the important dates in their history, I even had a compilation on my Spotify account. Things changed around five or six years ago when I saw a documentary called Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten.

As I sat there, watching this superb documentary by Julien Temple, I began to fully understand the ethos of the group more, the journey they went on and my shared beliefs. They were and still are brilliant, and the band I wish were still together is The Clash.

Of course, it is a moot point as Strummer died in 2002. Not only that, but old bands reuniting is often quite a sad sight, especially ones that had such energy and impact as ‘the only band that counts’, The Clash.

Ring, Ring, It’s 7 A.M.

I could have picked so many tracks by The Clash, but I have gone for Magnificent 7 from the album Sandanista. Heavily influenced by old school hip-hop acts like Sugar Hill Gang, it is a song that encapsulates what The Clash were all about. They were a band that was unafraid to take artistic leaps into the unknown. Nothing was off-limits to them be it reggae, jazz, soul and hip-hop. This melting pot of influences resulted in one of the greatest bands in history and albums that took you from one genre to the next.

At the time of recording Magnificent 7, rap was still a relatively new sound, and the track represents the first time a rock band wrote and performed a rap song. Many people believe that Blondie was the first with their track Rapture, but Magnificent 7 predates it by six months.

Magnificent 7 by The Clash

Move Yourself To Go Again

Not only was there music exceptional and groundbreaking, many fans, myself included, loved and still love the band because of what they stood for. Their political messages still resonate to this day – meaning we have progressed little since The Clash’s heyday.

They also stuck to what they believed, even if that meant doing something that would harm their business interests, something many bands could do with thinking about today. They were a relentless force, maybe that’s one of the things that comes through and speaks to me and other fans.

If you haven’t heard them much or read their lyrics or read about them, do so. Anything made with this much passion and talent can never be dull. I could and possibly should write more, but I’m never going to do The Clash justice.

The video I’ve chosen of this song isn’t the best quality, visually. It’s also apparent they were performing live but then dubbed over, but it is an excellent example of Strummer’s style, his frantic and intense delivery of the lyrics. It’s a band at the peak of there powers and a band we are unlikely to see again.

So that’s day 24 of the 30-day song challenge done and we’re now heading into the final straight!

You can check out the Spotify playlist here –


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  1. Rivergirl says:

    I’m calling a foul. He’s dead, they can’t get back together.
    Or can they….?

    1. That would be a big old ‘No’. It’s just my hypothetical heart talking. (And to be honest they’d probably be a bit shit now anyway).

      1. Rivergirl says:

        Still calling foul.

  2. Your choice rocks (the casbah)!

    1. Hey….have you been listeing to The Clash? 🙂

      1. Well, to be honest, I’ve been listening to Rock the Casbah since, what, junior high school? But truth be told I’m not sure I know any other songs by them (she admits sheepishly).

      2. You may have heard this one… https://youtu.be/BN1WwnEDWAM

      3. Oh yes! Definitely! Didn’t know that was The Clash. I’m not really a “music person,” so details like that tend to escape me. It makes the husband shake his head in wonder at the things I don’t know about music/musicians.

      4. I am also shaking my head. I feel his pain.

      5. I just realized something. Is Lola a Clash song as well?

      6. No that’s The Kinks. Right city and country but…wrong

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