30-Day Song Challenge Day 22

Day 22 of the 30-day song challenge and could it be that we are on the final, home stretch? Rejoice! Today I am asked what song ‘moves me forward’.

The 30-day song challenge aims to make poor innocent people fret and stress over what songs to pick from the given prompts on the list below. All in the name of ‘fun’. At the start of this unadulterated fun, I decided it would be a good idea to write a blog post about each of my choices.

I thought it would make a good writing exercise. I thought correct, but I didn’t realise deciding on the tracks would take over my life. My wife hasn’t seen me for six days, I’ve been living on nothing but crisps for three days, and I haven’t had a shower since day two of this challenge. Apart from that, it is so much ‘fun’.

30-Day Song Challenge

Day 22

As mentioned, today I have to pick a song that moves me forward. Most people, I assume, would think of a song that mentally keeps them going when life throws a lemon at their crotch. Somehow, for reasons beyond my understanding, I went utterly literal with today’s task.

I have picked a track that make me walks faster.

I’m not joking.

I walk a lot and started walking even more during my recovery from severe back problems a few years ago. After a while, the routes I was taking became monotonous and started listening to music to pass the time. Some music works better for walking and the track I have picked made me walk quicker than a penguin wearing tap shoes on ice.

Come Play My Game

The song I’ve chosen was released as a single in November 1996 and became the band’s second consecutive number one in the UK. ‘Breathe’ by Prodigy appears on The Fat of the Land which reached number one in the UK and the US album charts. It sold over 10 million copies and still sounds as fresh today as it did then.

I’d love to wax lyrical about this album, but all I feel like saying is this is the following sentence. I fucking love this album so much. Its release coincided with my first year living in London, a time of parties, meeting new people and having new experiences. A happy time.

I saw them perform live twice and they rank as two of my favourite gigs. The first time was in a tiny club in Wales just after their first single, Charley was released. The second time was in a hall in Norway towards the end of their career. I will never forget that first gig for as long as I live. My friend and I were at the front of the stage throughout the concert and as Keith left the stage something happened. He pointed at me, leant down and shook my hand. RIP Keith x

But back to walking.

Psychosomatic, Addict, Insane

I would often choose to listen to dance music while I was on my walks and I’m telling you, if you’re ever late for something, if you’re walking and you have headphones, put on Breathe by Prodigy. I guarantee you will arrive early, possibly really early.

While walking to this song, I felt like some cool guy on a mission to save the world. My stride would widen, and my pace would quicken. In reality, I probably looked like a sweaty, out of shape mental patient. Although I joked about taking today’s song literal, I also think this song helped me move forward mentally. Starting to walk again after my back issues wasn’t easy. I’d spent four months stuck to my bed, and moving wasn’t easy. Songs like Breathe and albums like The Fat of the Land helped me keep moving when all I wanted to do was lay down again.

Enjoy your walk!

Warning – this video isn’t for the faint hearted

The end of this 30-day song challenge is in sight but no coubt I will be back tomorrow, trying to sound cool.

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  1. Rivergirl says:

    While I’m not familiar with this particular group, I do applaud their choice of a dead fish album cover. There’s not nearly enough of that in the music industry.

    1. Get familiar with them, I’m sure you’d love them almost as much as a lot of my other choices.

  2. Following on Rivergirl’s comment, that album cover feels like a dare. Here’s a dead fish. Now breathe.

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