30-Day Song Challenge Day 20

Day 20 of the 30-day song challenge and I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say, when will this ever end? Well, in 10 days to be precise, but you know what I mean. I was only thinking of myself when I started this challenge; I didn’t think of the poor people that would have to read it! Today I am tasked with picking a song that has many meanings to me.

The 30-day song challenge is one of those social media ‘fun’ things I never get involved in. I decided what seems like a year ago, to get involved in this one. Well, a lot of us have got a bit more time on our hands recently. If doing the challenge wasn’t fun enough, I also decided to write a blog every day about each of my choices. See fun!

Day 20

The number 20 is said to be an ancient symbol of a positive attitude and optimism… Whoever came up with that crap never had to do the 30-day song challenge!!

And breath.

Today I have to choose a song that has many meanings to me. To be honest, I’m flummoxed. I’ve also never written or barely said the word ‘flummoxed’ before so we are headed into choppy waters with this one. To me, a song usually has one meaning, whatever that may be. It’s either a good song, a bad song. Or it’s a song with a good beat in it, good lyrics, bad lyrics. Songs remind me of people and places. Some have great melodies, and some have great vocals.

But I’m finding it hard to find a song that has many meanings.

I have a real favourite of mine that has two meanings to me. Even then, I don’t know if they’re two separate meanings or just that I have two emotions when I listen to the song. I don’t have these two emotions at the same time when listening to the song, does that fit into the two meanings?

It’s tempting to just write any old shit today in the hope that you forget what I’m supposed to to be writing. Maybe if I did a card trick, you’d all be so impressed that you wouldn’t even care about the song. If only I knew a card trick. I did try and learn a card trick once. Most people get into magic when they’re a young teenager with little or no friends. I started learning when I was 30. I think it’s probably best to leave that there. This distraction thing is working against my benefit.

Once Upon A Time You Dressed So Fine

So, that song I mentioned a paragraph or so back. You know, that song challenge thing? Yeah. You still with me?

This song was released in June 1965 and more than 50 years later it stills sounds as fresh as ever.

‘Like A Rolling Stone’ Bob Dylan reached number 2 in the US charts but it’s legacy and influence equals any other song you care to mention. My statement may sound a little OTT and many people hearing it may not even like the song, but it is hard to underestimate the cultural impact Dylan was having on the US and Europe at that time.

Therefore it is hard to understand the impact this song had on people when hearing it for the first time.

That single snare drum hit that opens the song heralded a new direction for Dylan and for popular music itself. Having listened to Like A Rolling Stone with John Lennon, Paul McCartney said, “It seemed to go on and on forever. It was just beautiful … He showed all of us that it was possible to go a little further.” It would seem reasonable to ask that with no ‘Rolling Stone’, would The Beatles have experimented as much as they did?

Threw The Bums A Dime, In Your Prime

The ‘two meanings’ aspect of the song, for me, is quite straight forward, but watch how I will likely make this sound confusing and convoluted. When I listen, sing along to, Like A Rolling Stone, the song is either about me or about someone else. I’m either thinking I’m a rolling stone, with no direction home, like a complete unknown. The second ‘meaning’ of the song is that the person in my thoughts is the target of the lyrics. Someone who had slighted me, or a girl that had turned me down would often be the object of my singing along.

I don’t know if that makes me sound slightly sad or bitter, but I wouldn’t argue if you thought that. As I have mentioned in previous post/songs, I used to have an angry streak, lurking behind the whit and charm (joke!. I also used to handle rejection as well as a snow man handles burning coal. I deal with it much better now but ten years ago, if you ignored me or didn’t think I was amazing, then you would be on the end of one of my “Like A Rolling Stone” sessions. Or your indifference to my existence would result in me singing it to myself about myself.

Like A Rolling Stone could be about any of us at one time or another and that’s one of the reasons it still resonates with us to this day.

Blimey, this being open and honest is rubbish, isn’t it?!

Rolling Stone

So that was the 30-day song challenge day 20. I’ll be back tomorrow with yet more rambling nonsense about some song or other. Thank you so much to those of you still keeping up with this.

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  1. Rivergirl says:

    Classic Dylan. Even I can’t argue with that.

    1. This is getting weird. That’s two days on the trot….what’s going on?!

      1. Rivergirl says:

        I don’t know, but I don’t like it.

      2. hopefully things will get back to normal tomorrow.

  2. Most of the time I can’t even make out the lyrics of a song, much less determine its meaning, so I’m impressed you can discern two whole meanings from a song!

    I’m also impressed you are practicing using new words. Flummoxed is a good one. May I suggest its near-synonym “nonplussed” for tomorrow? It’s an oft-misused word. People seem to think it means something akin to “unimpressed.” I think it’s the “non-” that throws them. Good luck!

    1. Sadly, tomorrow is already written. When it comes to the lyrics, I had a book with all his lyrics in it (It was a BIG book!)

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