Henri Investigates Podcast

I occasionally like to hand over this site to my close friend Henri H. Henri.

He’s released a new podcast in which he investigates ‘colours’

It’s a real eye opener and with a running time under nine minutes, you should be able to concentrate for at least half of it 😉

You can listen on Spotify

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  1. Welcome to the podcast fold! I love it!!!

    In addition to clearing up many questions I’ve always had about colors (my favorite: brown), you’ve also inadvertently corrected how I pronounce your name. Given the i in the first Henri, and the y in the second, I assumed the first was pronounced in the French fashion (on-REE), and the second in the English fashion (HEN-ree). Thus, I’d been calling you on-REE H. HENree. I do apologize for my gaffe.

    I look forward to learning about fame, but if you could also do an episode on farms, that would really be edifying.

    1. Haha – Thanks so much for listening. And yes the names are pronounced exactly the same (it’s easier that way!)
      And I will fill your need to hear about farms in an upcoming episode 😄

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