30-Day Song Challenge Day 18

Day 18 (or is it day 88?) of the 30-day song challenge and it’s the day I reveal the year of my birth. I have to pick a song that was released the year I was born.

I don’t mind revealing my age, though because, as the saying goes, you’re only as old as you feel. Well, I generally feel as if I’m roughly 75 years old, so anything I say will sound much better. The world welcomed me into the universe in 1974. The angels sang. Then people rejoiced. The church bells rang out, and Ted Heath failed to convince the Liberals to form a government and announces his resignation as Prime Minister, paving the way for Harold Wilson to become Prime Minister for the second time.

I didn’t have any involvement with the resignation of Edward Heath, the rest of the above (the angles and shit) is all thanks to me.

The 30-day song challenge involves me having to pick a different song over 30-consecutive days from the prompts in the picture below.

Day 18

So, today I have to pick a song released in 1974. I have thought long and hard about this one. At one point, I may even have consulted Google. At one point, I may have thought of bringing a halt to the list and throw my laptop out the window. I chose not to.

Sadly, while there were some excellent songs released in 1974, nothing amazing springs to mind. As I was born in February, I’m guessing, the Gods and Fates thought they’d already given the world enough for the year and took the following ten months off.

Diamond Dogs by Bowie, Court and Spark by Joni Mitchell, Walls and Bridges by John Lennon are just some of the classic albums released in 1974. I just didn’t know what song to pick. It was also the year that On The Beach by Neil Young was released. I am a big fan of Neil Young, but looking at my song challenge so far, I realised it’s not very ‘funky’. You may not know this about me, but I am incredibly funky. Funk seems to just ooze out of me.

Sometimes the funk oozes out so much that it’s impossible to walk normally. If a James Brown bassline could walk, it would walk like me.

Amazed But Not Amused

I want to rectify this lack of funk in my challenge. I will meet it head-on and make this playlist funkier than an octopus in shades. So the track I have chosen is ‘You Haven’t Done Nothin” by Stevie Wonder. Notice the lack of writing the letter ‘g’ at the end of the word nothing. If a song is lacking the last letter of a word, then you know you are down deep into funk territory.

If you don’t think you can handle my funk then you had best leave right now.

Are you still hear? For those of you that can take the funk and have remained, let’s break it down.

Gonna Change Right From Wrong

‘You Haven’t Done Nothin’ appears on Stevie Wonders seventeenth studio album, ‘Fulfillingness’ First Finale’. The album was released on July 22nd and is one of the records from his widely considered ‘classic period’.

You Haven’t Done Nothin’ (I’m still dropping that ‘g’) was released as a single on August 7th and became Wonders Fourth US number one. It’s considered to be one of Wonders angriest political statements, aimed squarely at Richard Nixon, who coincidentally resigned from office two days after the track’s release. The song could still be aimed at many of the politicians we have now.

The song is one of those slow funks with the backing singers (The Jackson 5) in full on ‘Doo Doo Wap’ mode. It is also considered one of the first tracks to consist of a drum machine.

It’s Not Too Cool To Be Ridiculed

The first time I knew I was listening to Stevie Wonder was ‘I Just Called To Say I Love You’. Not the most impressive song to introduce me to his genius, but it was many years later when I heard Song In The Key Of Life that my love for him grew. Songs In Tne Key Of Life is an absolute masterpiece. I’m just very disappointed I wasn’t born three years later so I could pick a song from that album.

It’s also not as good as the album he released in 1973, Innervisions. Innervisions includes tracks such as Living In The City and Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing. Did notice the letter ‘A’ is missing from the word ‘about’.? Dropping a letter off the end of a word is funky but at the start of the world is just next level shit!.

But the song I’ve picked is not an inadequate substitute, and it’s a great album. The album is often forgotten as it’s sandwiched in between his two greatest. Even if he had done nothin’ other than this album though, he would still be a legend.

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  1. Rivergirl says:

    You chose Stevie Wonder over Neil Young? I’m not sure I can continue this relationship…

    1. I did say it was all because I needed to release my funk. I’m sorry 😐

      1. Rivergirl says:

        Please keep your funk to yourself from now on.

      2. it’s hard to keep the funk under control…

      3. Rivergirl says:

        Please try harder.

      4. I’ll try but the funk is bossed by no one

  2. Releasing your funk? I’m glad you didn’t release your funk when we were in Bangkok together, especially seated so closely on the train as we were.

    1. You’re just lucky the funk was under control that day. I can barely contain it most days!

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