30-Day Song Challenge Day 16

Day 16 of the 30-day song challenge. We are now passed the midway point. There can be little doubt that some of you will be in tears knowing the countdown is underway. Some of you will be shedding tears of joy. Whichever way you are reacting I have pushed you to tears, every writers dream. I’ll take it, however it comes.

Today on the 30-day song challenge I have to pick an all time classic of mine.

No biggie…just pick one song from thousands. What a doddle…

30-Day Song Challenge

Day 16

As with some of my previous posts in this series, I tend to write sentences that are subtley sarcastic. Did you pick up my sense of sarcasm in the introduction? If you didn’t spot it, it’s the last sentence. See it now?

My sarcasm stems from being asked to pick ONE song as my ‘classic’. I understand the rules of this challenge and I know it’s a bit of fun but this is ridiculous! Imagine being asked to do something incredibly hard, times that by 25, add a hundred then add pie and you may get close to how hard this is.

I love a bit of fun, you can ask my psychotherapist, but how can I narrow it down to one song. I feel like writing a sentence in which the word ‘ridiculous’ appears a minimum of eight times.

But I won’t.

I won’t because I need to ‘man-up’ and just pick a bloody song that, no doubt, will result in someone on here or social media commenting on how this possibly can’t be a classic because it’s shit.

Also, I won’t write a sentence with the word ‘ridiculous’ in it eight times becuase that’s very bad for a serious writer like me and also because I have trouble spelling it.

Rain Down, Rain Down

For some of you it may be easy to pick your ‘classic’ song. I would think for most people it’s not easy at all. Give someone a choice between two chocolate bars and they’ll decide quite easily. Give that same person a choice of any chocolate and they will probably undergo some mild form of a mental breakdown while trying to decide. Plain chocolate or something with a biscuit base? Or maybe something with nuts in it. But I always have something with nuts in it, maybe I should try something new. But what if I try the new one and feel unsatisfied? OH MY GOD I AM GOING TO KILL THE CAT!!

Come On Rain Down On Me

After refraining from killing the cat and instead just giving it a playful kick, I have finally made a decision. I have loved this band from the beginning and they almost seem to signpost my life. Their first album was released when I first left home, the second when I went to university, the third when I first moved to london and the fourth when I first realised there was a letter ‘o’ in the correct spelling of ‘ridiculous’.

People may not like them but it cannot be denied the impact and influence they have had on the music scene since the mid-90s.

As with many of the artists I have chose so far, I could have picked any number of songs by them. The band is Radiohead and the track is Paranoid Android.

From A Great Height

Paranoid Anroid was the first single from their multi-platinum selling album, Ok Computer. Upon release on the 26th May 1997 it achieved critical and public success, reaching number 3 in the UK charts. The track was also a clue to the direction the band had moved in since their second album, The Bends.

Paranoid Android runs for over six minutes and has four clear sections, which drew comparisons to Queens Bohemian Rhapsody. The track also takes inspiration from a multitude of sources with Thom Yorke, lead singer of Radiohead, sarcastically describing the song as “A Pink Floyd cover”.

I remember the album being released not long after I moved down to London and the album seemed to usher in a new era of British music. Brit pop’s positivity and feel-good factor was on its way out, the honeymoon period of New Labour’s general election was well and truly over. The mood of the country was changing and I was finding my way in a big and daunting city. Paranoid Android was riskier and darker than the bands previous releases and…this may sound at bit over the top but it sounded…menacing. A perfect sound for the changing world.

God Loves His Children, Yeah

Paranoid Android showed the bands ambition and gave notice for the direction they were to follow in the succeeding years with albums such as Kid A and Amnesiac. For me, Paranoid Android is the beginning on their journey to more experimantal sounds. The songs blistering, swirling masterpiece is one of the best six minutes in the bands career. It gave them the confidence to become the band I love.

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  1. Rivergirl says:

    Well, we had a good run. Now back to our regularly scheduled sarcasm.
    Please look up the word classic, because this sure isn’t it.

  2. I have nothing to say about Radiohead or Paranoid Android, but I will say this: don’t kick cats!

    1. Duly noted. But you really should have a better opinion of Radiohead. πŸ˜‰

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