30-Day Song Challenge Day 13

Day 13 of the 30-day song challenge and I have the very easy task of picking a song from the 1970s.

The 1970s was a bad time for music so this should be an absolute piece of cake. The previous sentence was crammed full of sarcasm, did you pick up on it? I should also stop using terms such as ‘piece of cake’ as I am carrying a few extra covid pounds and have started to diet. I have, like many of us, been living in elasticated attire for a while now and had a truly horrible wake up call when I tried to don my shorts to go to the shops recently.

The 30-day song challenge is…a challenge. Anyone foolish enough to tackle it must choose a song each day based on the prompts in the picture below. I decided to write a blog post about my choices every day as a writing exercise. I’ve been neglecting this blog for a while and it seemed like a good idea… at the time…

The 30-Day Song Challenge

Day 13

So, as I mentioned the 1970s was a terrible decade for music… Oh hang on, I was being sarcastic.

The 1970s was a great decade for music. Many people may plump for the 1960s as the best musical decade but the 1970s was a much bigger melting pot of ideas and styles from Punk to high-pitched, beared ladies, The Bee Gees. I was born in 1974 so most of the music at that time passed me by. My mum didn’t own a record player but I remember her playing tapes (remember them!) in the car. She mainly seemed to play Cliff Richard so thank the heavens she didn’t have a record player. The other tape I remember her having was Off The Wall by Jacko, which still sounds good to this day.

The 70s were filled with so much experimentation, Pink Floyd, one of my favourite bands were at the peak of their powers, The Clash were pushing their own boundaries. In the US, Stevie Wonder released a series of albums that are rightly placed as amongst some of the greatest of all time. On top of all that, a new genre called Hip-Hop was spreading its influence through the boroughs of New York.

Listen To The Wind Blow

So with so much of my favourite music coming from the 70s how the fuck do I pick one song? How? Please, I’m asking. I’m not even sorry for swearing.

During my 30-day song challenge so far, I have had to make some tough choices. Choices that have somehow felt like a betrayal – this is by far the worst.

Watch The Sun Rise

But just as the sun and my intake of medication for heartburn rises each day, desicions are reached. I’m not sure exactly when it was I first heard my choice but I know how I heard it. Well, that’s not completely true, I heard about 40 seconds of the song over and over again. One section of the song I’ve picked is used as the TV theme music for Formula One Grand Prix Racing and was a regular sound to anyone growing up in the 70s and 80s.

The Chain by Fleetwood Mac is such a brilliant track and when it swooped into my head like an owl in an Aldi I was sold. The Chain was released on the bands album, Rumours, in 1977, which was the best selling album of all time until Thriller came along.

Running In The Shadows

The Chain is the only track on the album credited to all five members of the band. It’s ironic that they’re all credited as the band was split three ways during the making of the album. The Chain is about them sticking together despite the fact that the five members of the band consisted of two romantically involved couples, both of whom were going through break-ups. Sounds a little bit tense to say the least.

The voices of Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham (one of the said couples going through a bitter break-up) harmonising the opening lines of the song entwine perfectly. Like fish and chips or glue and substance abuse, the two voices are almost made for each other. The lyrics are all the more sharp when you know that they were both singing such hatred to each other.

Damn you love, damn your lies

Never Break The Chain

Then comes the shift in gear as Buckingham’s guitar builds until it sounds almost like his soul screaching in pain. Pain spews out of the lyrics and beauty rolls through of the music. Put together it makes a unique song made all the more legendary by the fact the entire world new the rumours about them were true. The miracle of it all is that they remaind as band for so long. The album is written by a group of people all falling out of love with each other. Yet it is a thing of absolute beauty and The Chain is the pinnacle of it all. The hatred that spews out of the lyrics are juxtaposed with the beauty of the music.

So ends day and song number thirteen, I hope this isn’t getting tiring for you ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Rivergirl says:

    You canโ€™t go wrong with Fleetwood Mac… even you.

    1. Come on…I’m sure I could mess it up some how?

  2. A quality choice, and you’re right – the 70s was full of great music. I’d have had a hell of a time choosing.

    1. I am already hating posting these, partly due to it being boring but mainly the choices I have to make.

      1. Ah, but you’re committed now, aren’t ya? You’ll have to see it through til the bitter end. Hey, at least you’re exposing your reading public to musicians that, in some cases, they’ve never heard of. That’s gotta make you feel good. Now, if only the musicians would give you a cut. $$$

      2. Yeah I wont give up, I actually enjoy it, I’m just thinking of the people that only had to read something by me once a month are now being inundated with notifications!

      3. You can probably tell by the tardiness of my replies that I’m having a hard time keeping up. You went from zero to hero! Maybe when the challenge is over you should go that extra mile and add one final post: The song that defines you doing the challenge. I’ll even save you some effort by providing the song for you: Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now (because you’re having such a good time; you’re having a ball!)

      4. How about The End by The Doors? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      5. Ha ha. Thatโ€™ll work.

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