30-Day Song Challenge – Day Ten

Day ten of the 30-day song challenge and today I am being forced into picking a song that makes me sad *gulps loudly*.

The 30-day song challenge is to pick one song over 30 consecutive days from the grid below. So far I’ve had to pick songs with a colour in the title, or one that makes me dance, nice stuff. Apart from day 4 the topics have been fun (even if I have taken this ‘trying to be more open’ a bit far) but today I must pick a song that makes me sad.

30-Day Song Challenge

You see that, over there? It’s a can. What’s in the can? Its a can crammed full of worms and I am about to open it…voluntarily.

Day Ten

I wish I’d thought more about what writing a blog for each song would entail but there’s no going back now.

So, a song that makes me sad. The actual choice didn’t take me long. I remember the exact moment I first heard Hurt by Johnny Cash, I was living in a bedsit in Lewisham. If a sentence includes the words ‘I was living in a bedsit in Lewisham’, you know your life is…it can only go up, shall we say.

I actually saw the video for Hurt first and here was this old, ill looking man singing lines such as ‘I will make you hurt’. People say they can remember where they were when they heard that Kennedy had been shot, well I can remember where I was when I first heard Hurt by Johnny Cash. As I told you, I was in a bedsit in Lewisham. Things were great!

Hurt by Johnny Cash

But I Remember Everything

The following day I went out and bought the album. That may sound like something I would write to make this post sound more interesting, but I did. I played the whole album as soon as I got home and from that point on, I began to buy Cash’s entire back catalogue. I’ve mentioned in a previous post about Bob Dylan being my favourite singer but Johnny Cash is so close it’s hard to separate the two.

It would be easy for me to write about Johnny Cash for hours. I feel like doing it now but maybe I am stalling on actually getting to the point of this post.

My Empire Of Dirt

I’m sure most of you know ‘Hurt’ which appears on the album American IV: The Man Comes Around, released in March 2003. For many people the song will have different meanings or emotions attached to it. For me the song is about regret and consequences.

And you could have it all

My Empre of Dirt

I will let you down

I will make you hurt

I’ve certainly got regrets in my life but not too many. It’s easy to have them and to think about certain things you wish you’d done or handled differently but there isn’t much use in dwelling on them, unless you can learn from them. The biggest regret I have is falling out with certain people. There are four. I have fallen out with four close friends in my life. I’m lucky that I am friends with one of them again but with the other three, I have no contact with.

As with all these sort of things it wasn’t completely my fault, of course, but there are some things I would change. Three of the friends I’ve lost are all from my uni days in Newcastle and the other is from during my days as a comedian. He and I are friends again now because he is a good egg and forgave me for acting stupid.


The song, Hurt, has various meanings but to me the lyrics are about pushing people away and treating them badly. The song is about lashing out and hurting someone when you’re hurting yourself, because it’s easier to cause hurt than to deal with you own. But, of course, comes the regret later. I don’t know if this sounds odd but I used to struggle with feeling that people were too close to me. It’s a cliche but if a person couldn’t get close to me, they couldn’t hurt me. I would think, ‘you can’t hurt me if we if we don’t speak’. This resulted in me pushing people away and not trying harder to patch things up afterwards.

‘Hurt’ basically reminds me of the times I could have done better by people. I’m in no way shape or form perfect but I do try to change and I think I have stopped pushing people away now.

Thanks for reading and hopefully it hasn’t left you feeling depressed or thinking I’m a bad person.

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  1. Rivergirl says:

    So much pain in his voice. Good choice.

    1. Wow! I picked one you like!

      1. Rivergirl says:

        Don’t get cocky.
        Even a blind squirrel finds a nut occasionally.

      2. Not cocky, just flabbergasted you like a good song 😉

      3. Rivergirl says:

        Careful sonny. I dare say my musical repertoire is no less funky than yours.

      4. I don’t doubt that.

  2. Not a Johnny Cash fan, so PLEASE don’t write about him for hours!

    By the way, yesterday the husband said, “Guess what else liveandletthai have in common.” (I think I gave a wise-ass response but I can’t remember it now.) He said, “We both lived in a bedsit in Lewisham!”

    1. 😢😢😢😢….ok.

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