30-Day Song Challenge Day Nine

Day nine of the 30-day song challenge and today I have to choose a song that makes me happy. This one should be a breeze because I am such a happy-go-lucky person with a positivity that radiates like a weak candle flame in bright sunlight…

The thirty day song challenge is all about picking one song a day, over 30 days from the prompts on the grid below. It seems to be something many people are doing on Instagram. As well as posting on Instagram, I had the idea to write a little bit about each song for this blog. It’s just a bit of fun and makes sure I write something everyday. You can find my previous choices on the blog home page.

30-Day Song Challenge

Day Nine

Day nine, a day to be happy. Not ‘Joker’ insane happy but just…y’know, happy. Music, in general, is a good thing. I’m pretty sure we can all agree on that and I will now stop writing utterly obvious sentences like that. We can also agree that music generally makes us happy, other than that period in our adolescence where everything was crap and nobody understood us. For most people that period lasted maybe 6 or 7 years, for me it lasted much longer, but this is about happy songs so let’s move briskly on.

Music dates back as far as humans themselves and so do the emotions attached to listening or playing it. When our ancestors first began making music it was likely to have been around the camp fire at night having just had a hearty meal of mammoth. The happiness of a full stomach and the shared bond of a tribe would have led to feelings of happiness as the sounds they made bounced back and forth off each other. (Wow, this is like some kind of thesis…is it dull?)

I’ll move on.

Welcome Stranger

So, it was quite difficult to pick one song that makes me happy but when this song popped out at me, I didn’t hesitate to make it my pick. So far, all of the songs I’ve chosen have been picked with an eye on ‘the other choices’ I could have made. With this one it is completely different. It was an easy choice as this song makes me feel happy, twofold.

The song is Bhindi Bhagee by Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros and it just is a wonderful thing.

Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros

Mushy Peas

Bhindi Bhagee was released on Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros second album Global A Go-Go in 2001 to favourable reviews. I came to find this track due to my love for Joe Strummer and The Clash. I know I’ve said this about other artists on this list so far, but I could have chosen 30 songs by The Clash for this challenge. For me, after The Beatles, The Clash are the best band Britain has ever produced and I am sure at least one track of theirs will find its way onto this list.

I think this is why Bhindi Bhagee makes me happy twofold, firstly because its a great song with amazing lyrics about diverse cultures all living together and secondly because it sounds like Joe Strummer is finally having fun making music again.

Dall, Halal And I’m Walking Down The Road

After The Clash broke up in 1986, Strummer seemed to slip into a period of inactivity. Burned out, bored or a lack of creativity? I don’t know but in 1999 he began recording again and while never reaching the heights of The Clash this song shows a musician enjoying his craft again. Being so in love with The Clash, hearing that Strummer was making music and actually enjoying it again makes me so flipping happy!

So, yeah, this track make me happy because its about diversity, togetherness but basically it’s a legend being happy again.

Turn it up and enjoy

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  1. Rivergirl says:

    I’m sorry, couldn’t you find a more obscure unknown group?
    The Flying Burritos perhaps…

    1. Joe Strummer is….obscure? This….it’s….he’s….you don’t know…? I think you should open your mind to the genius that is Joe Strummer. Started life in a punk band, finished being one of the best lyricists the UK has ever produced 🙁

      1. Rivergirl says:

        Clearly Joe didn’t excel at crossing the pond….

  2. I’m with Rivergirl. Joe who? What about “Don’t Worry, Be Happy?”

    1. Be gone, heathen! Be gone and learn the Strummer gospel

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