30-Day Song Challenge Day Six

Day six of the 30-day song challenge is ‘a song that makes you want to dance’.

The 30-day song challenge is something I saw a friend doing on Instagram recently. It’s one of those social media things that comes along every so often, which I usually completely ignore. But the world is different now and I had the idea to write a blog post for each of my choices and to set myself the challenge of writing one a day.

The 30-Day Song Challenge

Day Six

Well, where does a slinky, cool dance fiend such as moi start when trying to find a song that makes me want to dance. Those of you that know me will be well aware of my skills on the dance floor (or my home as I call it). You will know how I seem to become at one with the music, of how the music seems to vibrate up from my feet to the tips of my hair, via my arsehole. For those that have never had the pleasure of seeing me dance, let me try to help. I’m…imagine if Michael Jackson, Fred Astaire and John Travolta all had sex with a cat. Ok, are you picturing that? Now add into that image flashing lights and people standing to the side and clapping – that’s how good a dancer I am.

So how can someone that makes dancing to a Phil Collins ballad look funky narrow a choice down to just one?

Silly Ruffian

I decided to go for French duo, Daft Punk. Daft Punk are one of the biggest and best electronic/dance, whatever bracket you care to put them in, artists of this century and have produced floor filler after floor filler (floor filler is the term us dancers use when we talk about good tunes while we’re out on the street or down the docks having illegal discos).

Again, as always with this challenge, when you can only pick one song it becomes excruciatingly difficult – it’s like watching Sophie’s Choice on a loop. Eventually I came to the decision that it just had to be Digital Love.

Digital Love by Daft Punk

Make This Dream Come True

I don’t know why I plumped for Digital Love over others tracks like Get Lucky or One More Time. Maybe because I always remember myself and the friend I was sharing a house with at the time, absolutely loving it when it was first released. I distinctly remember him claiming it to be the ‘song of the year’. In fact the song was actually playing on the stereo at the time he made this bold claim. To emphasise his opinion he pointed at the stereo as he said it, in a slightly manic way. We may have been drunk…

I Don’t Know What To Do

Digital Love was the third single from the duo’s second studio album Discovery, released in 2001. It reached number 14 in the UK charts but it shot straight to number one in my heart (that was supposed to sound cheesy). It’s a real toe tapper (another dancers term) even if you’re not an esteemed and well respected dancer like me.

The song seems to keep going ‘up’ and builds to a crescendo around the 2 minute 48 mark. At this point the track goes into a bit where funky warriors such as myself would shout things like ‘break it down’. This ‘breakdown’ gives us dancers a chance to catch our breaths but all the while showing some of our minimal dance moves. All the while we’re just catching our breaths until 3 minutes and 33 when the beat slaps you in the back of the head like a fish in a wheelbarrow. Then you’re off again, on a train full of funk until the music begins to fade out around the 4 min 35 point.

Anyway, it’s flipping good. Here it is.

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  1. Rivergirl says:

    You, dancing to Daft Punk, is almost more than my brain can take.

    1. I understand. It must look so amazing in your head.

      1. Rivergirl says:

        That’s not the word I would use, but it was a unique experience .

      2. I’ll take unique any day of the year!

  2. Please post a video of yourself dancing. After reading your description, I’m guessing you will look like a daft punk. That is something I really have to see.

    1. Haha, if I posted a video of me dancing the internet would break beyond repair!

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