30-Day Song Challenge – Day Five

Day five of the 30-day song challenge requires me to pick a song that I feel needs to be played loud.

The 30-day song challenge is something I saw on Instagram recently and is one of those social media things that come around from time to time where we’re all supposed to join in. I hate them…but, with little to do during these Covid times I have succumbed and decided to join in something ‘fun’. The aim of the 30 day challenge is to chose a song from the list below. In order to maximise my ‘fun’ I decided to give myself an even bigger challenge (I’m better than you) and to write a short post about the song and why I’ve chosen it.

30-Day Song Challenge

Day Five

So, day five…isn’t this flying by…isn’t it? Anyway day five, a song that needs to be played loud. As you know I am a hip young thing and therefore I tend to think that all music needs to be played loud. In musical terms all music sounds better with a bit of ‘welly’. So my answer to today’s challenge could literally be…anything. I’ve chosen a song by a band that seems to specialise in anthemic songs that the volume setting eleven was invented for, Arcade Fire. https://www.arcadefire.com/

Pick A Track, Any Track You Like

There are many tracks I could have picked by Arcade Fire and in particular from the album that my choice is from, Funeral. After listening to the possible choices several times and then a few more times for good luck I plumped for Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels). From the opening plinky-plonky (musical term) piano to the almost shouty lyrics at the end, this is a huge, loud and utterly fucking brilliant song.

Tunnels by Arcade Fire

I’ll Dig A Tunnel From My Window To Yours

For those of you that are new to Arcade Fire they are a Canadian indie rock band that seem to consist of roughly 37 members. Members include husband and wife, Win Butler and Regine Chassagne. There breakthough album, Funeral, largely recorded in just a week was released in 2004. It was recently ranked at number 151 of Rolling Stones 500 best albums of all time. It clearly deserves to be a lot higher and a strongly worded letter is currently winging its way to the Rolling Stone office as you read this.

Climb Out Of The Chimney

I don’t remember how I first heard them but I quickly became a huge fan. They seem to be playing and singing in order to get some kind of demon out of their bodies. They just didn’t seem to be able to express themselves any other way. I think this is one aspect of their music that drew me to them. When I first started listening to Arcade Fire I was in a…shouty mood shall we say. But instead of shouting and acting like a ruffian outside the local off licence I would stay in my room, smoking cigarettes intensel chastising myself for having gone another day without organising myself to do stand-up comedy.

From the time I decided to do stand-up comedy until the time I actually started doing it, eight years passed. Basically, I know now, I didn’t attempt to do it for so long because of a fear of failure – of ‘dying’ on stage. So I was tense and listening to singers shout and wail in songs seemed to fit my mood. Thankfully, I eventually got around to doing stand up comedy and even more thankfully, I still love Arcade Fire.

As I said earlier, I could have chosen mulitiple Arcade Fire tracks as they are one of my favourite bands. I’ve seen them live twice and both shows were loud and joyuos occassions. The sheer energy they put into their songs and live performances almost demands that you play them loud. I hope you like the track I’ve picked…and turn it up!

So Far

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(I’ve realised that if I continue to post links to previous songs these blogs will take forever to do when I get to day 15 onwards. With that in mind, these links stop! Today!

Thanks for reading though and if you’d like to hit that subscribe button I will dig a tunnel from my window to yours!

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  1. bovismavis says:

    Loving these!

    1. Thank you, sir! Let’s see how we both feel by day 27!

  2. Rivergirl says:

    I am unfamiliar with Arcade Fire and therefore have no snarky comment. I will now hang my head in shame…

    1. First time for everything. I’m now also unsure of what to do next. With no snarky comment it all feels somewhat pointless.

      1. Rivergirl says:

        Apologies. I’ll try to do better next time…

  3. I have the same level of familiarity as Rivergirl. None at all. We must be living on different planets.

    I had to ask the husband what a bit of “welly” means. Now I know. He can be very useful at times.

    1. ‘A bit of welly’ is one of the greatest expressions the English language has ever given the world 🌍

      1. I think I speak for all Americans when I say: we are indebted to you for gifting us with such an amazing expression, even if we don’t use it and have no idea what it means. A thousand thank yous.

      2. Well I appreciate this honesty. Your gratitude is welcome and understandable.

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