Day Two – 30-Day Song Challenge

Day two of the 30-day song challenge requires me to pick a song that has a number in the title.

If you don’t know what this is all about you can read more of an explanation in my earlier post 30-DAY SONG CHALLENGE

30-Day Song Challenge

Day Two

Day two of the challenge asks to name a favourite song with a number in it. It was hard to pick just one track with a number in it but as soon as I thought of Five Man Army by Massive Attack, I didn’t think twice.

Massive Attack

Five Man Army is a track from Blue Lines, the debut album by one of the most influencial bands of the 90s and 00s, Massive Attack. The band consists mainly of Robert “3D” Del Naja (rumoured to be the street artist, Banksy), Grant “Daddy G” Marshall and Andy “Mushroom” Vowles. As well as the three main members Blue Lines also consists of the talents of Tricky, Shara Nelson and Horace Andy.

The album was released in the winter of 1991 and became one of my most listened to albums while at university. Massive Attack’s sound is described as Trip Hop which originated in the late 1980s in Bristol, UK. The fusion of Hip Hop, electonica, dub and funk seemed something completely new to me.

Five Man Army

Five Man Army is the fifth track on Blue Lines and the slow, deep beats and laid back rapping style made it possible for someone with no rapping skills to rap along. I did give it a go (and still do) with varying degrees of success. I’d never heard ‘chilled’ rapping (almost just talking to beats) before and it still sounds fresh to this day.

Five Man Army

It’s such so cool and Massive Attack are easily one of my favourite bands of all time!

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  1. Never heard of ’em. Still, while that kind of music isn’t what I’m looking for at, what is it, 5 o-clock in the morning, I actually quite liked it. If I had to listen to rap, that would be it.

    1. If you’ve never heard of Massive Attack we need to re-evaluate every decision you’ve ever made. No biggie. If you have Spotify just check out their 5 top tracks – you won’t be sorry.

  2. Rivergirl says:

    Trip hop.
    What the hell is that? Do you rap while carrying luggage and a map. No one needs that.

    1. Not quite that but I’d like to see it. Trip Hop is chilled hip hop basically. It’s Banksy!

      1. Rivergirl says:

        I do love Banksy…..

      2. Now you’re getting it 🙌😉

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