Potato Printing

At 8pm, UK time, this coming Friday something wonderful will begin. For half an hour I will be be part of a livestream with my good friend James O’Brien. James, a self-confessed Maris Piper enthusiast has been making art with potato’s for some years now and his work was recently featured on ‘It’s Nice That’.

The First Meeting

I first met James at a comedy night in London at a venue called Up The Creek, a venue that many comedians hold dear, myself included. I’d gigged there once before and done really well but this night, I bombed terribly…all except for one person who laughed the entire way through my set – that was Jimmy. James was also a comedian and we soon hit it off and worked together on many projects, most notably on Quiz Pump along with a great mutual chum of ours called Chris Gau. I love being in the company of both of them and so Friday will be basically two friends messing about.

Potato Printing

So, for those of you sitting there wondering what the hell potato printing is…well, as I mentioned, it is making art with just a knife, a potato and some paint. I can say for certain that Friday will be a lot of fun, mainly because I am going to be truly awful at it. I can write (I think), I’m (occasionally) funny but ask me to make something with my hands (beans on toast included) and it is a recipe for utter disaster.

I will be doing the livestream as my comedy character Henri H. Henry though, so any fuck up’s are entirely down to him and not me.

Potato Printing

We will be making a portrait of Greg Wallace, a famous TV presenter of Materchef and I cannot wait. I have some paint on order but if it doesn’t turn up by Friday afternoon I will be making mine with ketchup, mayo and chocolate sauce. In a way that could be even more fitting a tribute to a chef!

So if you’ve never ‘met’ Henri and/or you would like to see two people make a Greg Wallace portrait out of potatoes, follow the link below and click on the picture like the one above – and get ordering those Maris Pipers!


Thanks and stay safe x

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  1. Will this be on Facebook Live?

    1. I think it’ll be on YouTube, I’ll send a link to his page

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