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As someone that has been thinking about Covid 19 a bit, I feel I am now in a perfect place to give my views as if they are all fact. My minutes of studying this disease has given me an almost undeserved confidence to tell you all what to do.

Been Thinking

As I mentioned I have put vast amounts of seconds into this so please do as I say when you have finished reading this.

My intro was lighthearted, you may have noticed, but I also want to share an idea, about something weird that could be happening. Or so I think. As I mentioned, I am not an expert and certainly not pretending to be one. Although, I do know we shouldn’t start injecting bleach into our eye balls (not to get rid of Covid anyway…for shits and giggles? Maybe).

The ‘weird’ thing is the rates of covid cases in Asia compared to Europe and America. Now in my view, the US and UK have idiots running the show which could be one reason for high admissions to hospitals but other areas of Europe with actual competent politicians are also suffering high numbers of casualties.

Below is a graph of the death rates per capita of a number of countries. You will see the countries with a high total are all in the west –

On the right side of the graph are countries over in my neck of the woods – the difference in deaths is staggering. Why?

Face Masks

I keep reasonably up to date with the news in the UK and there seems to be a difference of opinions on the benefits of wearing face masks in public. The Scottish parliament have suggested that wearing one on public transport will be enforced when lockdown restrictions are lifted. Why would they even think of saying this if there was no evidence to suggest they help. The English and Welsh governments are saying…well, they’re sending out confused, mixed messages (sounds rather familiar to when Covid first began spreading through the country)

To cut to the chase of what I think – I think the wearing of masks may be having a really positive effect in slowing the spread in Asia. I’ve heard the reports from governments and media outlets in the west of China manipulating the death toll but do any of us actually know? China are no agents of truth but when was the last time any country had a government that told the actual truth?

Would a western government find it easier to cast doubt about China lying or to admit that maybe everyone should have been wearing masks from the beginning? My distrust in all governments makes deciding impossible.

Thailands Covid Figures

But lets take Thailand, as I have a better knowledge of here than China. Thailand currently has 187 people in hosptial with Covid 19 – yes…187. You can manipulate known cases with a lack of testing but you can’t hide how many people are in hospital. Even if you could manipulate those numbers, with social media the way it is now, with news posted online and spread within minutes, if Thailand was suffering huge numbers of deaths and hospitals were over flowing – we would have seen it. 187 people are currently in hospital here and at the time of writing, has had 54 deaths…54!

One is still too many but only 54! How the hell is this possible? I would gladly like to be corrected but one of the main things Asian countries have in common is the wearing of face masks. Occam’s razor would dictate that face masks are helping to lower the infection rates in the asia pacific countries that wear them. When I leave my house here to go for a walk or to buy food, I barely see a single person without a mask. The same cannot be said for Europe and America.


Also, and I don’t agree with this, China pretty much locked people in their houses and had police patrolling the streets, ready to beat the crap out of anyone outside without a mask. In the UK, people are having picnics.

I would be happy if anyone reading this could explain to me how masks make no difference so please feel free to add any thoughts. I’ve read that wearing a mask doesn’t protect you from catching Covid 19 and that you should only wear one if you have the virus…but surely if everyone is wearing one, less people get it?

I don’t fucking know.

I’m really glad I threw in my two bob opinion though and added to the total confusion of what we should all be doing or not doing.

I hope you’re all well x

(And, hey, what harm can it do you to wear a mask when you go outside? If I’m wrong so be it).

I also haven’t checked the spelling in this post so I apologise to any grammar police out there.

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  1. tperders says:

    Careful – you will be working for the Department of Health at this rate!

    1. Haha. Fingers crossed!

  2. I can’t decide if your honorary doctorate should be awarded in Public Health or straight-up Medicine. Heck – why not both!?

    Here in the US it has been strange for me to see the (albeit delayed) transition to a mask-wearing public. As an elementary school teacher for whom getting coughed/sneezed on and touched by germy little hands is an occupational hazard, there have been so many times over the years I’ve thought, “I wish it were publicly acceptable to wear face masks like they do in Asia.” Now my dream has come true! I just wish it were under better circumstances. Anyway, I figure that every little bit helps, including face masks, although because they are not part of our cultural norm over here, I think some people (consciously or subconsciously) take them as permission to get lazy with other COVID safety practices, like social distancing.

    Finally, as someone who is in the midst of a grammar course for her copy editing certificate, I am a club-wielding member of the grammar (and punctuation) police, but I don’t incarcerate friends. 😉

    1. Thanks for not incarcerating me – the spell check does not work on my account and I still can’t find out how to change it – v ery frustrating! I think masks will no become a much mosre common aspect of life everywhere now (at least for a few years until people starts to forget about this!)

      1. If only grammar policing were just about spelling. But no, think comma splices, subject-verb agreement, fragments, semicolons, dangling modifiers, and so much more. Now that I think about it, I’m less of a member of the grammar police force and more like the captain of the grammar investigation unit. Yeah, I like that. 😉

      2. So many words in your comment that I don’t understand…

  3. Rivergirl says:

    That’s a staggering chart. But not surprising given the lack of leadership and cohesive plan in the west. Masks are such a simple solution it’s mind boggling that so few people will wear them here. I don’t go out without one, and our governor just mandated it, but there’s a large section of the public that refuse to comply. Stupidity, you can’t fix it.

    1. Really glad to read you are wearing one. I didn’t realise governers were making them mandatory. They’re still faffing about in the UK, it’s mind boggling. If they don’t work what have we lost? Bizzare behaviour.

      1. Rivergirl says:

        Not many states have mandated it. Ours did, but it’s not a popular idea and lots of people are protesting it.

      2. Yeah, here in Minnesota it’s recommended but not mandated.

      3. Wear one.

      4. My attitude is kind of ‘if it doesn’t work, what have I lost’ – seems an odd thing to protest about.

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