Covid, Covid, Covid, Covid, Covid Chameleon (You Come & Go)

Strange goings on or maybe I’m just seeing things in my mind that aren’t there…

Bad Beginnings

I am very sorry to anyone that has clicked on this thinking they were going to get a blog about Boy George. I wrote the above title in another blog and was so proud of it that I am using it again. It doesn’t take a lot for me to feel pride in myself lately.

For those of you that did click here hoping for a bit of Culture Club here’s a photo of our Boy.

I had a bit of a bad day yesterday. It was nothing serious but I guess it’s just one of those days a lot of us are having where we spend a little bit too long in our own heads. I’m not feeling sorry for myself and I realise I am a LOT better off than many people during this odd period of history we all find ourselves in.

I was going to write this post yesterday but I ended up spending my time playing Gardenscapes on my phone and reading Micheal Palin’s book ‘Around The World In 80 Days’. It’s a book that accompanied the BBC TV series in the late 1980s and if you’ve never seen it then I would certainly search it out. Monty Python we’re on of my earliest influences on my type of humour and losing myself into the world of one of them is a place I am rather fond of. When I read a book written by someone famous I always read it in their voice. Is that common amongst other people?

I recently read a Billy Connolly book and the sound of his voice in my head took me back to when I would watch his video’s religiously. I may have started saying the word ‘fuck’ a bit more too, but that’s no bad thing.

The last page of his book sums up pretty much how we should all try and lead our lives. I will be the first to admit I’ve not always adhered to it and been prone to taking things a bit too seriously but I think these words will play a huge part of my life, going forward. They’re probably why I only spent yesterday feeling down and woke up today feeling better.

An absolute hero of mine. If anyone sparked my interest in comedy and trying to make people laugh, it was Billy fucking Connolly.

Odd Middles

So as we head into day number whatever of this Covid 19 jollity I find my mind beginning to wonder about what’s going on here in sweaty Thailand. The reason I say ‘wonder’ and why this paragraph is titled ‘Odd’ is simple. Thailand does feel slightly out of sync with pretty much the rest of Asia and most of the world with it’s confirmed cases of Covid 19.

As of today, 6th April, there have been/is a total of 2,200 people infected. This is up 51 since yesterday but around 50 down on the previous day. I don’t have the figures in front of me but the daily rises have never been higher than around 150 per day. Vastly different to the trajectories of other countries.

Now, I am not a journalist and never will be but these figures do strike me as a bit odd. I feel sorry for the people who have caught this virus but with the figures of infections so high in most other countries, 2,200 infected people (and 26 deaths) does seem rather…low.

I read from a couple of sources that the virus dies quicker in high humidity, something Thailand excels at…judging by my sweaty forays outside. But the high humidity argument is probably one of the many hundred of fake stories doing the rounds right now. I don’t know that for sure but it does have a slight whiff about it.

Maybe the figues are low because literally everyone I see is wearing a face mask. I know the original advice was that they don’t make a difference but if the people with the virus are coughing into a face mask and not into the air or onto their hands before touching something, it could be a possibility.

I’m not a scientist though, so what the fuck do I know (that ‘fuck’ was Billy Connolly’s fault).

The other reason for the low numbers is a lot more simpler. I may be wrong but we have, in Thailand, a government that likes nothing more than shutting down any criticism. Hardly anyone is getting tested for Covid 19 and I suspect many people here cannot afford to go to hospital. I also doubt that people with minor symptoms are being counted.

The Thai ‘government’, a group of soilders that grabbed power during a coup, have also brought in severe ’emergency’ laws to help deal with the spread of the disease. One of the laws is aimed directly at banning any ‘fake news’ about the virus. Now, I’m not a political journalist but this has the stench of ‘you can only report what we tell you to report’. This led to Amnesty International issuing a statement yesterday stating that the “…Covid 19 response must not lead to unwarranted restrictions on human rights and freedom of expression”.

It sounds far fetched to me in many ways as I have never lived under what is effectively a military government but to Thai people who have suffered endless political instability and coups this has ominous undertones. As I mentioned earlier, the official figures for infection has gone down today…and yet rumours of a complete lockdown beging to grow louder. Odd.

It would certainly suit the government to have a lockdown. Emotions were running high at the beginning of this year as student protests had begun to sweep across many universities at the continued stiffling of democracy. People were becoming restless so what better way to quell peoples anger than a lockdown.

I know in many other countries the lockdown will save thousands of lives and my point isn’t that they’re not effective, it’s just that I’m pretty sure the Thai government isn’t being completely honest. Not that they are the only ones. The lack of honesty from governments worldwide has led to massive distrust – a distrust that is now putting lives at risk.

Happy Ending

Today is April 6th and it is my wedding anniversary (and my wifes, coincidentally). Since we got married I lost all of my work and a global pandemic was declared but she’s not holding that against me. We are celebrating our one month wedding anniversary. Although there aren’t any florists open for me to buy her flowers, I did manage to pick up a few twigs for her. As you can see, she is incredible happy with her very thoughtful gift.

Thanks for reading and stay safe x

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  1. To answer your question, no, I don’t read books in the author’s voice. For example, when I read works by up and coming literary phenom and media darling liveandletthai (I don’t know if you’ve heard of this author – he might just be garnering attention in the west), he definitely has the voice of a 40-something female with an American accent. I was lucky enough to meet him once in person (though I kick myself daily for forgetting to request an autograph) and it was kind of jarring to hear his actual voice – somewhat lower than mine and with a British accent. All the expected swear words were uttered, though.

    I’ve had my share of down days during this pandemic, too. Sometimes it’s from what I read or hear in the media, sometimes it’s a stress response to trying to teach from home, sometimes it’s wishing we could socialize with our friends. I always come out of it and I figure it’s within the realm of normal given these abnormal times. I’m just glad I’m not going through it alone. I’ve got the husband!

    And speaking of spouses, a little word of advice that you can apply on your 2-month anniversary, if you choose and if things are still in shutdown: get a pot and plant some herbs – at least she can eat those! (Or get her a puppy!!!!!!!)

    1. Ahhh don’t say the ‘puppy’ word – you’ll make me cry 😂

      Interesting how you read my words as if I was a 40 something American female – you mean like Sex in the City voice over style?

      And yes, I think down days are to be expected. I think the key is to just accept they’ll happen and don’t dwell too long.

      I thoroughly recommend reading a book by a famous person in their voice; but now that you’ve heard mine, you can read my blog with my suave welsh accent 😀

      1. No, I just meant boring Midwestern female 40-something accent. Nothing to write home about. Hey – your featured in my upcoming blog post. I’ll let you know when it hits news stands!

      2. Uh-Oh – will this be the blog where you reveal the real me and people start to ignore me? 😂

      3. I’d like to think you’ll gain at least a few followers from all the positive press, though I don’t sugar-coat the fact that your blogging habits are, well, less than consistent. 😉 That’s it – you’ll get no more information out of me! It’s coming out at 4:30 am my time. That’s less than 9 hours. Patience, man!

  2. Rivergirl says:

    That photo of your wife made reading this post worthwhile.
    And yes, long live Billy fucking Connolly!

    1. Well I’m glad you found something in it that was worthwhile. I aim to please.

      And glad to fucking hear that about Billy

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