All The Governments In The World Are Ace And Are Doing A Fantastic Job

If you’ve never met me, I like to use sarcasm as a way to keep myself calm in times of stress or in the face of stupidity. In a completely unrelated topic, all of the governments in the world are ace and are doing a fantastic job in fighting that virus that is going around.

I’m Covid Up

You may have heard of covid 19 before, it was quite big in Asia for a while before embarking on a world tour that has literally taken peoples breath away.

It’s Covid Up, It’s Covid Up – It’s Dare!

Most, if not all of the governments in the world didn’t see how popular this Covid 19 would be. No, honestly, they didn’t have a single clue. Despite it reamining in China for quite a while, all of our extremely organised governments were completely taken by surprise…

I know this just cannnot be true in anyway shape or form but the way most of the worlds governments are dealing with it hints to me that they actually want lots of people to catch Covid and build up the controversial ‘Herd Immunity’. But like I say, I am sure this is just me being silly.

Covid, Covid, Covid, Covid, Covid Chameleon

There are many cases of completely accidental situations in which the very people that are protecting us have put us at risk of catching Covid. May I point you in the direction of this post about my recent visit to the Thai Immigration office in Bangkok –

One other case came to my attention earlier today whilst watching the news here in Thailand. Late last night, several planes landed at Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok carrying Thai nationals back from different parts of the globe. Video footage shows them being herded together by police and told that they would all have to self isolate for 14 days in case they were carrying the Covid.

From the footage I have seen a few tempers became rather ‘flared’, shall we say and in the ensuing confusion over 100 Thai people fled the airport and have yet to be found.

Covid Together, Over Me

The reminaing passangers were then taken onto buses which would then transport them to the hotel where they would have to spend the next 14 days in isolation.

Whilst driving to the hotel one of the buses was short on petrol and had to stop at a station to fill it’s tank. A minor oversight in which nobody is surely to blame…

While refueling, the officer in charge of the bus full of possible covid carriers seems to have accidentaly allowed them all to disembark and go into the nearby 7-11 convienience store and the public toilet. What a very unfortunate accident…

Covid Eileen

So, you see it’s not just one or two governments that are making ‘mistakes’, it’s a world wide pandemic of mistakes…

With all of these mistakes happening it’s comforting to know that I am making zero mistakes. For example, it certainly wasn’t a mistake to have this photo of me in an ill fitting denim jacket taken and post it onto social media.

Stay Safe x

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  1. Rivergirl says:

    We just allowed 2 cruise ships filled with COVID patients to dock in Florida. For the love of God… or whatever invisible being you worship… why the f*ck is anyone still taking a cruise? Unless they’re being billed as Voyages of the Damned and are one way trips? You’re a moron to step on one. Floating petri dishes of contamination is what they are.

    1. Yep, I don’t get the cruise ship thing. Why haven’t the cruise companies said to themselves ‘you know what? Maybe this cruising around on a floating hotel with loads of people crammed on might not be the best thing right now’ You’d think it would have crossed someone’s mind. But as I said so convincingly in my post – our leaders are ace and are doing a truly stunning job.

  2. Hmmmm… reading between the lines, I’d say you’re not being entirely genuine in your praise of world governments. While I agree that most governments are fluffing it, don’t go making that assumption about the good ol’ US of A. Have you seen this government during this crisis? It is truly something to witness. Our president, a beacon of trust, reliability, and truthfulness in the best of times, has really stepped up during this pandemic. Never have I seen such leadership. I think, of all the great things he has done (and there are many), the best is keeping us distracted. I mean, who can focus on COVID when he’s zig-zagging back and forth with recommendations. It’s a big deal! It’s not a big deal! Safety is paramount! The economy is paramount! We hate China! We love China! And the latest: no masks! Wear masks! Wear masks, but I, the president, am not going to wear one! It’s like a ping-pong match and my neck is getting sore. Stay safe (and wear a mask).

    1. Darn it, you busted me. I wasn’t being entirely genuine. But yes, your dear leader has really come through for you and proved how selfless he really is. Hope your doing ok x

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