The Travel Architect and Rivergirl.

I recently posted a blog for the first time in two months having let things slip on here due to other commitments – you can read my dazzling come back post here –

It’s not that I don’t have things to say but I do tend to have difficulty in planning my time effectively. I seem to focus on one or two things in my life at a time and let all other aspects suffer. It’s a trait I’m trying to work on as I feel it does affect things at times. The main thing this behaviour affects is friendships. The longer I have been away from the UK the more love I have for my friends that are scattered across the UK. From Manchester, to London and Newcastle via Wales, I am lucky to have friends who I consider to be the finest of people. I’m a lucky man.

But even though distance has in some ways strenghtened my feelings for my friends, the time apart and my focus on settling into life over here has been to the cost of staying more in touch with them.

Look At Me, Please.

I was never one for big groups, I fall into the catagory of seeing one or two friends at a time and having a good old natter rather than being in groups of people (I havent analysed this too much but I think it has something to do with the fact that in smaller groups I can get more attention!)

I wasn’t always adverse to groups of people but after being bed bound for so long a few years back, I’ve found it difficult to engage in groups. Also, while I was bed bound I spent 98% of my time watching Netflix and not speaking – it is remarkable how quickly you can lose the skill of actually having a conversation. Not only that, it takes a certain level of confidence to relax in a conversation and take it from me, that confidence can soon evaporate. The first handful of times I ventured out from my bed to meet friends consisted of me having to feel the need to apologise for my incredible dull topics of conversation (“Have you watched ‘insert name of box set’ on Netflix?”)

(As a side note, I think having spent six months watching nothing but Netflix is why I don’t seem to want to watch TV as much as I used to).

So What Is This Blog Post About?

The answer to that is simple. I don’t know, really.

But after posting my incredibly witty and Pulitzer award winning worthy blog two days ago I recieved some lovely messages from my favourite people in the blogging world, The Travel Architect and Rivergirl. Now, when I say ‘lovely messages’ what I actually I mean is, they took the piss out of me and scolded me for not writing for a long while and (I think more likely) for not reading their posts during my time away. But it was and is this kind of banter that I have missed (from the two of them and from my friends back in the UK). My thanks to them for the warn banter on my return to this blog and for being bothered, I promise I will catch up on your posts!!

When I started blogging I just saw it as a way to practice my writing and document my time here. I didn’t see it as a way to make friends…but flip me, that is what has gone and happened!

As for my friends in the UK, I miss them all, sometimes terribly, but I am getting on one of those big birds in the sky on Saturday and parking my arse in Manchester for three weeks. So, plenty of time for some warn hearted piss taking.

No, Seriously, What Is This Blog About?

So, if this post is about anything…and I don’t want to state the bleeding obvious, it’s this…friendships are bloody brilliant. Is this post cheesy enough for you yet? It’s cheese wrapped in cheese with a side order of cheese and cheese sauce. Sure, friends can be frustrating at times (I know I can be) but when all is said and done, the best ones will always be there,even if you’re three thousand miles away and, thankfully, even if you go awol for a couple of months.

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  1. Rivergirl says:

    Thank you. I am somewhat mollified… but only time will tell if this lovely sentiment has staying power. Chances are you’ll dump us for the first slutty monkey that looks your way.

    1. Slutty monkeys are fine for a short term thing but it never stands the test of time like good banter.

  2. I missed the banter, too, blog buddy! THAT’S why I ribbed you so mercilessly. (Getting my posts read, admired, and commented on by you was secondary… a close second, but secondary.)

    Oh no! Three weeks in Manchester?! I suppose that means you’ll be AWOL again. Well, at least we’ve been warned this time. I’m marking my calendar and we’d better see you active you the blogs – yours AND ours – as soon as you return!

    Yes, this post was cheesy, but I’m from Wisconsin. Translation: cheese is my favorite food. According to the husband, I put it on everything! I can’t go a day without cheese!! You’ve fulfilled today’s quota of literary cheese. Now, where did I put that aged white cheddar…?

    Finally, this is a special day – our 20th wedding anniversary – made even more special by waking up to find my blog name in the title of your post. I suppose that’s the closest I’ll ever get to fame, and it won’t get me anymore followers because you missed the opportunity to hyperlink the text to my blog (*ahem*), but it was a great way to wake up, just the same.

    By the way, have you seen Ozark on Netflix? Good, huh? But I’ve only seen season 1, so don’t give away the ending!! 😉

    1. Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS to you both! Neither of you look old enough to be celebrating 20 years! Wow!

      I tried to put a link to both of your blogs but it wouldn’t let me for some reason. I tried a couple of different ways but to no avail! I still haven’t work out how to do links to my own posts since WordPress ‘updated’. I know what I’ll do, I’ll actually research the answer rather than just pressing ‘enter’ harder.

      Started Ozark the last time I was in the UK and didn’t carry on with it when I got back here. I liked it though and I’ll finish it soon. I watched ‘Dark’ in a week (German with English subtitles and brilliant!)

      1. Rivergirl says:

        Good grief, must we do everything for you?
        Find one of our posts in your reader list. Click the visit box with the arrow. That will take to our site where you can click on the address at the top and copy. Then simply paste it into your blog.
        You do realize a slutty monkey could do this, right..?

      2. I….I….I do this. I click the address and then try to copy. I know I may come across as a total numpty but trust me, I am aware of the copy and paste trick. Ever since WordPress updated (and spellcheck disappeared!) it seems to be really unhelpful. Honestly, I’m not this stupid…
        The ‘copy’ bit, fine – I’ve got that. But it won’t paste. I will figure this out, I will be brave and stay heroic.

      3. Rivergirl says:

        That’s weird. I’ve never had a problem since the update. Do you suppose that monkey you spurned is seeking tech revenge…?

      4. Thank you. Flattery will get you everywhere.

    1. Haha! Thank you. I’m flattered a slightly touched! I will answer soon.

  3. And SURELY you’re working out your responses to the questions on the Sunshine Blog for which I nominated you?!?!

    1. Eh?! Oh shit! Argh, I’m sorry (and annoyed at myself!) I’m still in the UK and just starting to reply to comments and go through blogs I want to read. Yours is top of my list so I’ll be catching up soon. Sorry 😣

      1. Groveling and kissing up. Good. I like it. Keep the compliments coming. I see you’ve done a lot of commenting. Also good. You’re on the right track. 😉

  4. Ally Bean says:

    While I recently found you I do know the two bloggers of which you speak so I’ll give you an affirming nod as if any of this makes much sense to me. Carry on, bloggers gotta blog.

    1. Ally Bean says:

      Nope, no sign of your reply here. You asked, I answer

      1. Well I’m totally baffled over here by this turn of events as it’s says I replied on my notifications. I’ll write twice next time 😄

      2. Ally Bean says:

        No problem. The ways of WP are a mystery to us all

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