So, Anyway, Where Was I?

So, Anyway, Where Was I?

So, anyway, where was I? Are you asking yourself that? I think I was writing a blog about my life in Thailand.

Yes, that’s right, it’s all coming back to me now…I was writing regular posts about my life here in Bangkok. Look, see…

And then something happened…something I didn’t see coming but which has taken over my time. Well, it is actually two things that have happened. Firstly, I have been learning new ‘skills’. Skills that will make me some money. I’ll mention more about my these new ‘skills’ in future blogs and whether they’re paying off. If they come off, this blog will become a wonderful story of one man and his growing confidence in his intelligence and determination. If it doesn’t come off, this blog will be a depressing story of one man’s descent into a life of alcohol abuse and throwing cats at walls.  I’ll be honest, the later story sounds more exciting but I’m kind of thinking it’ll be the first story.

It’s such a shame that money is required to live, isn’t it? You’d have thought by now that humanity would have worked out a way for us all to live without needing to make some. 

I shake my fist at humanity for not sorting that out yet!

Secondly, I have been writing a lot…just not blog posts. All will become more clear soon, but I have been working on two books. As I say, all will become clearer soon when I start pestering people to download them as an ebook and to then leave glowing reviews afterwards (that’s not a hint, it’s a plea…a plea is not quite the same as begging…but I will resort to begging at some stage, so buckle up)

Wow! Tell Us More!

Ok, you asked for it.

So before I continue, I should give you a brief outline of the past two months (yes, shocking – two months!) Shortly after my last blog I had to leave Thailand as my visa had expired. Thai law requires me to leave the country every so often and take a short holiday somewhere. It’s a tough situation but one that I take with dignity and a certain kind of heroic stoicism.


So as you can maybe guess from the heading just above this sentence, Malinee and I went to Bali. It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go and it disn’t disappoint. I will write a more detailed post about our time there but here is a brief outline…

Bali Monkey

Saw a monkey…

A Big Mountain

Went up a really big mountain and met two women who ignored me the whole time we were there.

Shower Time

Watched people taking a shower.

Rice Field

Looked at a place where the locals grow rice.

A Bad Ass MF

Went snorkelling like a James Bond bad ass MF!

And finally…

Another Monkey

Saw another monkey who lived near the beach.

I shall write more about the trip to Bali at a later date as it was a truly lovely place and we both loved it!

Goooooood Day To You Vietnam!

29 days after arriving back from Bali I had to leave the country again so get a little stamp on my passport (and to not get a massive fine and a possible trip to the immigration prison. This time, as you can possible guess from the heading above, we went to Vietnam. Da Nang to be precise which is a major city on the south eastern coast.

There will no follow a brief description of our weekend.

We went on a plane…

Da Nang Below

Then we saw a road bridge that was in the shape of a dragon and breathed fire every night at 9pm…

Dragon Bridge, Da Nang

I didn’t take as many photographs while in Vietnam due mainly to the fact we were only there for 48 hours but also because I didn’t see any monkeys. I will write more of my insightful musings of Vietnam in a later blog but if you cannot wait for more information about Dragon Bridge here is the wikipedia page

So there you have it, the short answer to where I’ve been is, ‘busy’. But I am back now and thank you to The Travel Architect for checking that I was ok and not throwing cats at a wall. I’m not…not yet anyway.

P.S. I’ve been living on the edge recently and in accordance with that lifestyle I haven’v checked any of the spelling or punctuation on this blog. I am such a bad as and I will not apologise.

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  1. Oh my God, you’re alive!! Actually, it wasn’t you I was worried about so much as your poor mother. I had nightmares of her passing unexpectedly and you having to run off to England and sort out her estate for six months. OK, I didn’t actually have nightmares, but this explanation is the only one my brain could conjure that might reasonably explain you being AWOL from your blogs for so long. I mean, I know Bali and Vietnam aren’t Thailand, but they still have electricity and computers, right?!

    I agree with you that the second scenario would be more exciting, but I do not condone throwing cats. If anything, you should adopt one and snuggle it. I also very much agree with you about needing money to live. I am simultaneously shaking my fist with you at… society, I guess? Maybe academia in particular? On the other hand, I am on the cusp of three very busy weeks at work (student-teacher conference time), but here’s the thing… I will still be posting!! Watch and learn, bad-ass James Bond doppelganger.

    Anyway, you are on my sh*t list because you’ve missed all my posts and podcasts about England and Wales, which is almost as unforgivable as throwing cats at walls. I’m pretty sure Rivergirl will have some choice words for you, too. (Don’t let me down, Rivergirl.)

    But in the end, I’m glad you (and your mom) are ok. Can’t wait to have a look-see at those books. I hope they make you a lot of that pesky but necessary money.

    1. Aw, I am so sorry for being away for so long, especially as I am now on the shit list. I will do whatever I can to earn your respect again. I will soon catch up on your posts asap and I look forward to reading about how you surely embarrassed yourself in Wales. I feel like I’ve let things slip on here but I am back now….so you’ve been warned.

      1. Chasing sheep and swearing loudly on Mount Snowden are just two of the ways I embarrassed myself in Wales. You’ll see…

  2. Rivergirl says:

    I’m sorry, I must have found this post by mistake. Who are you? I used to have a friend who blogged here but he dropped his loyal readers like a hot rock for some slutty monkey from Bali and was never heard from again. Shame, he had such potential.
    It seems you might have some interesting travel stories and photos to share, but I simply won’t tolerate cat throwing…. so unless that revolting hobby is discontinued, I shall say good day sir and return to my blueberry martini.

    1. No! It’s me! Come back! Sorry for my silence and having my head turned by a monkey! As for the cat throwing, it’s just a turn of phrase – I will not throw cats…hard. Promise.

      1. Rivergirl says:

        I’m not convinced.

      2. Slowly and surely I will fall into your timeline again like a drunk sloth into wet cement.

      3. Rivergirl says:

        Which really is the only acceptable way to fall in to wet cement. I await your content with bated breath.
        Or gin soaked breath, which ever comes first.

      4. I’m guessing it’ll be gin soaked…

      5. Rivergirl says:

        A reasonable assumption.

  3. Yeah, and Rivergirl can ill-afford visions of cats being thrown, plagued as she is by birds (or perhaps turtles) hurtling themselves at her bedroom window! Your anti-feline humor is bound to send her right to the loony bin!

    1. Rivergirl says:

      Not that he would know about any of my trials and tribulations due to his prolonged absence….

  4. True. I’ve decided to give him two weeks to get up to speed on my blog and podcast. I’m talking careful reading and meaningful comments. He doesn’t want to make us mad, after all, with those books of his coming out. He will rue the day he forgot the little people…

    1. Rivergirl says:

      I’m tight with the monkey community. We can make his life a living hell…..

  5. “It’s such a shame that money is required to live, isn’t it?” – totally agree. But isn’t that what crypto currency is? Not real and you can still pay for shit…

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