Amazon FBA Headaches

As anyone that regularly read these posts will know I recently began to focus on setting up an Amazon FBA account. I knew it wouldn’t be easy but I’d read (or thought I had) everything I could. I’d watched helpful and informative videos on the topic until my brain could store no more. I thought I was readybut the Amazon FBA headaches quickly began and, at this present time, don’t seem to be going anywhere soon.

Amazon FB…EH? Headaches

The problem with Amazon FBA headaches is that they can’t be solved by taking a painkiller or retiring to a darkened room (although I did lay down on my bed staring up at the ceiling at one point during this latest setback). The headaches can only be cured by action, whether that be ploughing on through the setbacks or jacking it all in and acting like nothing happened. I’ve very much been in the first option camp up until now but I may be starting to fall headfirst into the latter.

I’m leaning towards packing it all in for one simple reason, not because it’s too hard or because I can’t be bothered. The reason for this leaning is because Amazon have suspended my account and as things stand I cannot get it back.

Why Amazon, Why?

Why? Amazon, why? Nice toilet by the way.

‘Why?’ is a good question and if I knew for certain why they’d suspended my account, I would tell you. But here lies the problem…Amazon don’t tell you why they’ve deactivated your account. Clever isn’t it!? (The sarcasm was dripping all over the floor in that last sentence, by the way).

They will deactivate your account but not tell you why, so you have to almost guess what it is you did wrong. The past ten days have involved me taking part in an email conversation in which only one ‘real’ person is talking. I’m talking to an automated response computer which just keeps firing back the same email over and over again (four times, if you want specifics). As you can imagine this is such a relaxing way to be spending my time. (Whoops, I just dropped another bucket full of sarcasm on the sarcasm rug)

A Possible Cure For My Amazon FBA Headache.

Then, I suddenly had a bright idea. A short while ago I went to an FBA meet up group in Bangkok and despite it being a bit of a let down, I did get on ok with Rob, the organsier of the night. You can check out my experience here.

So I decided to message Rob and to saddle him with my frustraion. I suggested I would buy him lunch if I could pick his brain for an hour. Thankfully, Rob agreed and two days later we were sitting down to a Thai lunch of shrimp, broccoli, chicken and cashew nuts; (I know this information isn’t essential for this post but the food here is lovely and I like to talk about it as I am on a diet and always hungry)

Rob is someone I like even though I’m still not sure how much he actually knows about selling on Amazon and as the lunch progressed I felt we began to slowly warm to each other. We’d briefly danced around the subject of politics and realised with some relief that we share similar thoughts on the state of the world. It’s always a load of one’s mind to find someone of a similar mindset in Bangkok as the city is filled with expats who are angry at the supposed ‘invasion’ of foriegners into their ‘homeland’. They literally have no sense of irony.

Rob informed me that my situation was one that has befallen on many an Amazon seller and that it could all be worked out. He gave me an email address of a website that deals with appealing account suspensions!

Hallelujah! Praise the lord and all that! After finishing off lunch I headed back home with Genesis singing ‘Turn It On, Again’ into my headphones and a spring in my step. (I don’t care if it’s not ‘cool’, it’s a cracking little track)

Not So Fast Amazon FBA Seller…

I got home and sent an email to the website given to me by Rob and waited for a reply. The following morning, with renewed hope, I turned on my laptop and saw I’d had a reply from them.

It wasn’t quite what I’d hoped…

This company, apparently only deal with people who are appealing for a deactivted account not a suspended one. Yes, their is a difference…who knew?! Or to put it more clearly – “We deal with appeals, which are not relevant to your situation. Not every suspension requires an appeal”. It’s not clear is it? Their response and how I’ve written this paragraph – both are confusssing which basically is a window into my brain at the moment. So I’m back to square one – a suspended/deactivated account with no idea how to resolve it.

Sometimes in life you come across a bump in the road and know how to deal with it. Other times you’re in the dark, with a sack over your head and waving your arms around like a mad clown – I will let you decide how I’m dealing with this ‘bump’.

I know this isn’t the end of the world but I could really do with making this work. I’m not broke but I don’t have an endless supply of lettuce (what the cool kats down the pool hall call money). The bottom line is that if I don’t find a way to make some bread (another cool way to say money) my time in Thailand could well be cut short.

But I guess I’ll take a leaf out of Phil Collins’ book – Turn it on, again (turn my computer on and try my account again). Thanks, Phil.

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  1. Rivergirl says:

    Well that’s frustrating as hell. Suspended for reasons they won’t reveal and not able to appeal. Sounds like you’re screwed… and I don’t suppose there are a lot of employers seeking someone to sweat profusely in Thailand. Maybe you could volunteer as a turtle caretaker at the temple? Good luck! And keep us posted…

  2. I hate dealing with huge faceless companies (especially banks and airlines, which go back and forth on my “#1 most despised business” list). Fingers crossed. We need you in Thailand teaching your fellow expats what irony is.

    1. Thank you. I’ll keep trying but I’m coming to the cinclusion that I may have to set it up the next time I go back to the UK! Soooo frustrating!

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