Street Art in Chalermla Park Bangkok

I absolutely love street art, I especially love the street art in Bangkok and now I have found a new favourite place to see it – Chalermla Park.

Bangkok has so many hidden street art gems that it’s hard to to know where to start this is the place you should head to first if you are setting out to look for it…

Charlermla Park Street Art

Chalermla Park is a street artist fans Mecca or St.Peter’s Basilica, a small open park with wall to wall street art.

Chalermla Park Street Art

I had seen photographs of it as well as read about it on other blogs and websites but had never got around to going myself – boy, do I wish I had got here sooner! A lot of the art dates back to 2016 and the Bukruk Festival in which artists from all over the world were invited to Bangkok to paint at various places around the city. Many of the art still adorns the walls around Bangkok but Chalermla Park was the centerpiece to the festival.

A Stairway To Street Art Heaven

Alex Face from Thailand was one of the artists invited to pain in the park and his work is now popping up all over the globe. Chalermla Park is home to pieces by Alex (the iconic small child in a rabbit outfit).

Alex Face Street Art Chalermla Park

As you can see some of the art is on the side of peoples houses even covering a part of one of the windows in the case of the piece above. It must be the Thai equivalent of having a Banksy on the side of your house.

The art work hits you from all sides and at every angle!

The colours are a barrage for your eyes!

One of the aspects I love about the park is that new art is being painted over older pieces constantly by the looks of things. I specifically wanted to see some a piece by an artist called Gap Nicha but it had sadly been covered with a new piece. But my sadness was short lived as I realised that this is how street art should be – constantly evolving and fresh.

Urban Art

If this is the first time you have come across this blog and want to see more Bangkok street art, you can follow this link –

The park is a two minute walk from Ratchathewi BTS station and is open from 5.30 am – 7pm every day.

For direction and more information click this link –

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  1. Rivergirl says:

    These really are some talented graphics artists and must be something to see in person. I’m rather liking the skeleton fish this time around…

    1. Yep that fish is pretty impressive in real
      life too. I can’t get over how much street art there is here!

      1. Rivergirl says:

        It’s marvelous. So colorful, vibrant…. and alive. Love that they have a park dedicated to it.

  2. So I had to ask the husband what a “Banksy” is. He asked me if I’d been living in a cave and then told me Banksy was a s/he, not an “it.” Just watched the footage of his self-shredding painting at Sotheby’s. Genius way to have the last word. So anyway, now I know who Banksy is. Thank you.

  3. I love the photos you took of this place. 👍

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