Bangkok Street Art: 4

I’m struggling to get back into the writing of this blog…

That’s not to say I’m giving up, so you can wipe away those tears and put the gun down. Writing is a habit, like cutting your toe nails…sometimes you cut them all the time but sometimes you just can’t be arsed and you let them grown until one day you realise that you can chop cucumber with them…we’ve all been there.

I’ve got a bit more ‘going on’ since I returned to Bangkok too, I have to make some money to feed my crack habit and to buy some new toe-nail clippers so that is taking up a bit more space in my brain. But I enjoy writing and I enjoy doing this blog!

So I’m posting a blog that I wrote a while ago in the hope that being here will spur me on to get going again…I can actually feel myself warming up now, actually!

If you are a regular reader of my blog you’ll no doubt know ny now that I have gone all doe-eyed about street art. You will also know that I don’t really know what to say about it other than words like ‘wow’. I am just sharing these wonderful pieces in the hope that they reach a bigger audience and to raise the profile of street art in Bangkok.

The world would be a better place if we covered outside walls in works of art…think about it…

Bright colours, humourous and cute characters filling up the grey blank spaces that surround us everyday. Street art is also a wonderful way to spread political thought and protest. Many of the street artists that use politics as an inspiration generally use subtle messages rather than ramming it down your throat.

However you look at it, art is good for the soul, it lifts and it inspires. We need more of art in our lives and street art would be a great way to achieve that.

I feel lucky to live in a city that has a vibrant and growing street art scene – which is why I am now on the fourth installment of street art

Sadly, I don’t know the name of the artist of this first piece but it looks so beautiful and yes, the eyes do look like they are alive and with a hint of sadness. Is the person sad because they’re locked behind a metal fence? The fence has probably got nothing to do with the piece and could even have been erected afterwards but I added my observation becuase…well, it made me sound like I knew what I was talking about (regular readers of my work will know that I am certainly not an art critic). I also like to give street art pieces my own name – I’m calling this one ‘Sad Eyed Fish Hair Lady’

Sad Eyed Fish Hair Lady by Unknown


The next piece is by French artist Gilbert Petit and is of a bird with one foot missing. While I was living in London I saw many pigeons with only one foot and it always made me feel a bit sad and this piece has the same effect. I’m sure the bird also feels sad about its absent foot as would I. I’m going to call this piece, ‘I suppose one is better than none’

One Is Better Than None by Petit

Sticking with the animal theme this next piece is a…erm…it’s…erm, well its an animal of some kind and like the pigeon it doesn’t look in the best of health to be honest. I don’t want to alarm you but I can see the animals bones…

It’s such a big piece and it must have taken such a huge chuck of time! Sadly, I didn’t see any name on this one when I found it so I guess we’ll just have to admire it. I think I will call this one ‘Bony Animal’ (see, I am very imaginative!)

Bony Animal by Unknown

Staying AGAIN with the animal theme, I absolutely love this next one! This one is quite clearly a whale and is by Thai artist Bonus TMC. Again, like so many of these pieces of street art, I came across this quite by mistake. I’ve mentioned this is one of my previous posts about street art, walking around a corner and seeing some amazing street art is one of the best things about art that covers our street walls because it always hits you as a surprise. As I said, I love this one and I especially love the small bird that is riding on the back of the whale. I don’t know for certain but I hope this piece is making a statement about the preservation of whales – that’s why I’ll call it, ‘Save The Whale’

Save The Whale by Bonus TMC

This next piece is the biggest piece of street art I have seen in Bangkok and as you can see it takes up the entire wall of a street….in fact I wasn’t able to get the whole piece in this photo! It’s by the Dutch artist, Daan Botlek and as you can see it really stands out – you certainly can’t see this! It’s so colorful and so flipping huge and I think you are supposed to look at it in two sections, meaning the left end of the piece would sit under the right end of the piece if it was a vertical wall rather than a long one. I might be wrong…I’ve been known to be once or twice. I’ll call this one ‘Long Piece Of Art’

Long Piece Of Art by Dann Botlek

This next one is just a bit weird and makes me feel like I’ve taken a haluccnegenic…It’s body is clearly letter but I don’t know what that third one is…is this saying ‘Wabe’…’Wape’…’Wame’? I don’t know and it’s a little bit frightening. Don’t get me wrong, I like it…I just don’t understand it. I’ve also scoured the internet for a street artist called AGR but I’ve drawn a blank, so let’s just move on. I am giving this one the name, ‘What?’

What by who?

And finally this friendly looking creature (there’s been quite a few animals in this one..entirely unintentional). It’s fangs are out and it’s claws are ready to rip and the perfect image to finish this blog post. I don’t know the artist and so I don’t know if this piece has a name so I will christen it, ‘In A Mood’

In A Mood by Unknown

So this is the fourth in a series of blog focusing on the street art in Bangkok and I am certain it won’t be the last. New pieces are popping up all the time and I am making it a quest to find and photo as many as possible – I even feel like picking up some spray paint and stencils myself!

If you have enjoyed this post you can find my others via here here and here. And if you didn’t like this post you can click on the links to see if the previous 3 have been this bad.


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  1. Rivergirl says:

    These are fabulous! I love boney animal and the 1 legged bird.
    But please… if you’re struggling for blog topics? Don’t give us videos or detailed descriptions of your cucumber slicing toenails. There’s only so much of you a girl can take….

    1. Haha, who doesn’t want to hear about toenail clippings?? No, I’m not strugging for ideas, I just got out of the routine of blogging while I was away and since coming back I’ve had things to do and haven’t found the time to get back into it (and anyway, I thought my detailed descriptions of my toe nails was actually very good, prize worthy…

      1. Rivergirl says:

        As toenails go? Sure.
        But I think we’re still debating the quality of the topic..

  2. First, I’m with Rivergirl. I can take all the sweat mentions you’ve got, but the image of you cutting cukes with your toenails has me nearly vomiting out my morning cappuccino.
    Second, about a job interfering with your blogging time… You did read my last post, didn’t you? About how I’m juggling gardening, blogging, bunny-mothering, AND a full-time job? I feel your pain.
    Third, I have a theory about why this post (great post, by the way) is so animal-centric. You are pining for a dog and it’s coming out in your blogging. Seriously, you must look into the petsitting thing.

    1. Hahaha, yes it could be down to the lack of dogs in my life, you could be onto something there! Yes, I know I can fit it in I was just writing how I’ve got out of the habit and that I had yet to find my way back into one…but it’s coming 🙂 But why is everyone complaining about my toe nail joke? I thought it was poetic…

      1. It was “toetic.” Now THAT’S poetry.

      2. And I meant o say, sorry for not listening to your podcast yet! I will get to it soon but I’ve struggled to get into podcasts, I need to find the right times!

      3. Not the right time… The right podcast! And ours is it! Don’t you want to hear the husband and me banter and bicker? It’s ace! Find some onerous cleaning task (not Hoovering – too noisy), and podcast away. The time will fly by. (And as an added incentive, I’m sure at some point you and/or your blog will get a mention.)

  3. Rivergirl says:

    Agreed. We’re all juggling full lives and still manage to post, even if mine is mostly nonsense that no one needs to read. We’re here damn it.
    So stop slacking…
    Wipe your brow, slice some cukes and get down to business.

    1. Blimey, thats me told!

      1. Rivergirl says:

        It needed to be said.

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