The Street Art Of Bangkok 2

Bangkok, a city that seems to hum constantly with life. The street food sellers, the tuk tuk drivers, the friendly faces are just three of the many things that make me love this city. But I also have a new love for this city and a new love for street art and this is becuase of the street art I see all the time around Bangkok.

If you haven’t read my first instalment of Bangkok street art…I am deeply hurt…where have you been you naughty fool? But fret not, you can catch up by clicking this The Street Art Of Bangkok.

I, like I’m sure a lot of you, love seeing street art. For me, one of the reasons I love it so much is that I always feel it’s more surprising than seeing it in a gallery, you cxan turn a corner and ‘bang’ a fresh and original piece of art right there in front of you. This is true of the street art in Bangkok but it also feels better in a city such as this becuase of the juxtiposition of the old and the new in this city that you don’t get in more ‘modern’ cities such as in the west.

I think my point is made by the first photo which is of some street art with a Buddhist monk walking alongside it…

Bangkok Street Art

But as I have been discovering, Bangkok and Thailand as a whole has some of the best street artists in the world which is something I had no clue about until I began living here.One of the most prolific and one that I’ve posted work from in the first post about Bangkok street art is Alex Face…

By Alex Face

Regular readers of my site will know that I am certainly not the best at sounding like I know what I am talking about (some would sya that is true with regards to all topics ans not just art) but the sight of great street art excites me so much, just like the photo above. Alex Face uses this same character of a small child many times in his work and this one just breaks my heart.

From breaking my heart to filling my heart is this next piece of work by Nue


I know this photo isn’t taken from the best angle but a car was park right on front of it and this is the best I can do – that’s the drawback with street art in Bangkok…life goes on around it no matter who made it or how good it is.

Nue is another artist that calls Bangkok his home and again, like, Alex Face’s child character the small bird-like animal dressed as a human is regularly used in his work. All the work I’ve seen of his are all full of humour…I just love it! (I’m sorry, I get carried away sometimes and just say how much I love works of street art…I’ll try to tone it down it bit…)

I LOVE THIS NEXT ONE! (Sorry, I did try and tone it down but look at it!)

By  Tamimsirai…I think

It looks like…well, I don’t know…but they don’t look well or many be we’re all supposed to pretend we’ve taken some acid. I don’t what it is or who it is by, (you can see the name at the bottom of the photo but I van’t find anyone with a name anything like that…I am trying to be professional, I swear!), but I love how messy it is – it looks like someone has got in the shower wearing a ton of make-up…not that I would know what that looks like…

Anyway, moving on…

By P7

As you can see this is another face and the colours just hit you like a sardine in a Nike sports sock (I don’t know what that means…just keep reading). This work is by P7 which I don’t think is his real name and I love the fact he just decided to put as many colours as he could into one face to make a half human half wieird animal hybrid.

Another piece that involves some kind of bizarre human/animal interbreeding is this huge and amazing piece by Motomichi Nakamura from Japan but now based in the U.S.

By Motomichi Nakamura

The characters in this work are all very odd things and they all look a little bit like bowling pins…is the artist alluding to a statement about us all being human bowling pins that could get knocked down in a dramatic fashion at a moments notice?

…Blimey…that last sentence almost made it sound like I was a serious art critic that can find meaning in works of art and I ma really not like that at all (you’ve probably noticed).

So let’s get back to my normal style of talking about art…This next one is a massive mermaid on a huge wall and it looks like she’s trying to lift up a gigantic lemon… and it looks blooming ace!

By Fikos

Fikos is from Greece and this piece was commisioned as part of the Bukruk Urban Arts Festival in 2016. My photo doesn’t really do it justice, (maybe I should start a GoFund Me campaign to get a better camera? Anyone got a pound?), as in real life the yellow gold colour seems to shimmer in the sunlight. It’s an impressive sight as you walk along the road towards it.

But in my view, almost all of the stree art I have seen in Bangkok is a bit special. It’s mainly light-hearted and fun. I love this city, the street art makes me fall in love with it a bit more everytime I spot a new piece of work and there are som many pieces dotted around that I fall more on a regualr basis…and I’m just fine with that.

I still have more wonderfully taken (if I say so myself) photos to share of street art in Bangkok so if this is your first time reading this, why not stick around for the next instalement.

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  1. These are fabulous!
    Glad to see the chicken/maybe not a chicken is back…. and I love the bowling pin people. Keep ’em coming.
    P.S. …. You forgot to include your link.

  2. Great post! Bangkok is clearly bringing out your inner art lover/critic. Your statement about the bowling pins was profound. However, because we don’t see the bottoms, I think they might be Weebles. Not sure if you had/have Weebles in the UK (the husband is sleeping after a 13-hour drive home from Denver yesterday, so it would be best to let him sleep in and not wake him up to ask if there were ever Weebles in your country), but if not, they are ltoys like small bowling pins with rounded bottoms that can’t be tipped over. Their catch phrase was “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.” If they are indeed Weebles, it might change the interpretation of the piece. Just a (long) thought.

    1. Thank you and congratulations on winning longest train of thought reply to one of my posts – no orize I’m afraid but you can live with the personal pride of winning something 🙂 I am slightly aware of weebles but it feels like something I may have dreamt. And yes, I was quite profound when I wrote that sentence…I had a long lay down after that as I feel I may have used up my months supply of brain power with that sentence

      1. As soon as the husband woke up, I asked him if England had Weebles. His response? “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.” If only you had been aware of them during your stand up days. I hate to say it, but missed opportunity man, missed opportunity. 😉

      2. My entire comedy career was a story of missed opportunities so this is perfectly normal 😄. Having asked a friend about Weebles I now know that it was just me that this passed – every one knows about them but me. This could be a Mandela Effect moment!

      3. How apropos that this little exchange occurred while you happened to be in England!

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