Five Best Things To Do In Bangkok!

Sometimes I like to write something really silly…this is one such time…I would like to apologise and I hope the images you are about to see do not leave you too traumatized.

Being in Bangkok can sometimes be overwhelming, with so much to do it’s difficult to know what to choose. Should you visit one of the many beautiful temples? Should you take a trip along a canal and stop at one of the floating markets giving you an insight into the traditional sights and sounds of Bangkok? How about The Grand Palace, the home of the Emerald Buddha? And don’t forget about sampling the famous street food!

You see…it can be a bit overwhelming so having lived here for roughly eight months now I feel I can say with some authority what the best 5 things to do in Bangkok are…

  1. Standing outside a 7-11 store when the door is open and feeling the cold air blowing out from its powerful aircon.
Blow Me, A/C!

2. Being near the cold drinks fridge in a 7-11.

Make Me Feel Cold, Fridgebaby

3. Being in one of the many Thai restaurants that has amazing strong aircon.

Yum. Thai Food!

4. Lying on your couch at home with the aircon on.

Hmmm, maybe this photo is too sexy.

5. Lying on your bed in just your underwear with the aircon aimed directly at you

In the name of all things decent, this photo is unavailable

So there you go, my top 5 things to do in Bangkok – what a wonderful country this is! Come and join me, it’s a cultural melting pot with modern skyscrapers and ancient temples, a country that has it all!

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  1. #1. Somewhere in heaven my mother is yelling, “Close the door, you’ll let all the cold air out!”
    #2. Thailand Tinder has some weird hookups….
    #3. Look at the picture of that poor person under your ear. He’s as horrified that there are McDonalds in Thailand as I am.
    #4. Trust me, it’s not.
    It’s really not.
    #5. From the bottom of my heart?
    Thank you.

    1. Haha, yes that man in photo number 3 looks petrified, heโ€™s obviously been reading my blog!

      1. And clearly all that sweating has put him off his feed….

    2. And as for photo 5 – youโ€™re welcome. I knew youโ€™d never forgive me if I posted that.

      1. The mere thought of it was sufficient.

  2. Jeff Bell says:

    Although those images did traumatize me, and although I’m thankful there was no photo on #5, I have to agree that these are the best things to do in Thailand. Perhaps you could add #6 – eating ice cream just purchased from an ice-cold 7-11.

    1. Haha, yes or for that extra cool vibe maybe actually eating an ice cream IN a 7-11! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. So I can live with the sweat mentions AND the pictures of you sweating, but for God’s sake man, wipe the sauce off your mouth!

    1. What sauce??? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‰

      Sorry, it wonโ€™t happen again!

  4. Thestrangegurl says:

    Agree totally. Damn heat gave boils to me even at night 10pm .

    1. Haha. Glad I struck a chord with you ๐Ÿ™‚

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