The Ramakien Mural: The Origin Myth Of A Nation.

The Ramakien Mural surrounds the grounds of the temple of the emerald buddha and is considered a masterpiece of Thai literature.

The Ramakien Mural…heard of it? The chances are that if you’ve never been to Thailand, you won’t have done. I certainly didn’t until recently, but maybe that’s also because I am ignorant to all culture…not really, I love it – culture and I go hand in hand, like norovirus and trips to the toilet.

I don’t want to be someone who settles in a country and caries on doing and eating the same things I was doing in my country of origin. Many ex-pats do things this way and I just don’t see the point! I have decided I want to learn the culture, to eat the food, to learn the language (I will do that soon, honest!) and to maybe get to a stage when 5 litres of sweat doesn’t exit my body every time I step outside, (dream big is what people say and that might be the biggest dream of all).

The Grand Palace

The Ramakien Mural sits within the grounds of The Grand Palace in Bangkok, which is also the home to The Temple of the Emerald Buddha (I wrote a blog about my trip there and how I met Bjork – just click on the link)

The Ramakien Mural

As I say, I didn’t know anything about The Ramakien never mind that there was a mural depicting the said story before I went to the temple, which may explain why it left a deep impression on me, it came at me as a total surprise. The Mural consists of 178 murals, each one a beautifully painted piece of art in its own right.

The Story of Rama

“But what is the Ramakien, oh wise man?” I hear you whisper, excitedly (or maybe it’s a whisper because you’re falling asleep?). The Ramakien is the story of Rama who spends 14 years in exile until his wife, Sita, is abducted by the demon king, Rawana. Rama decides to rescue her with the help of monkey warriors. (you just know it’s going to be a good story if it’s got monkey warriors in it!)

The Ramakien Mural

My photographs won’t do the work justice, but hopefully, they will give you an idea into the grand scale of the work and show the type of art that was being painted in 18th century Thailand. For me, the first thing that jumped out was the amount of gold colouring throughout the mural; the painters certainly weren’t under orders to make the work sit quietly in the background.

The Golden Ramakien Mural

A Story All Thai People Know

I am not an art expert (you have probably noticed) so I won’t pretend to be one but the intricacy of the mural was mind-blowing, every face of every character was unique and full of character. The colour drew you into the painting, but it’s complexity kept you in.

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of The Ramakien Mural as many of you, like me, will not have heard of it until now but it’s story helped define a whole country and culture with the story still taught in schools to this day.

Big Bad Man?

I won’t pretend to know what is going on in the picture above, but I would guess that the big chap is up to no good!

The Ramakien Mural

I am no expert on the characters in the Ramakien Mural. Still, I’m guessing the naughty looking fellow in the picture above isn’t too friendly either. The people inside the walls look pretty terrified of him and will need clean underwear by the end of the day!

Monkey Warriors Of The Ramakien Mural

Monkey Warriors

But these guys are the monkey warriors who are helping Rama defeat the demon king – GO MONKEY WARRIORS! It was on seeing this section of the mural that I realised the background and the main action in the foreground of the painting are two different artistic styles. The realism of the background makes the foreground imagery jump out more (do I sound like I know what I am talking about? Don’t answer that!)

That’s Got To Hurt!

I know you didn’t get much in the way of ‘artistic knowledge’ in this post but why should you? Why can’t you look at something and make your mind up without an expert telling you what is going on and why they have done things specific ways? It’s just a brilliant mural showing a myth of how a country came into being. It looks beautiful, the colours are striking, and it’ll knock your bloody socks off!

Some Things Never Change

But my afternoon spent at The Grand Palace wasn’t full of enjoyment. Some of you reading this seem to have taken an interest in how much I sweat on my outings and how often I mention it. Well, one should always give the people want they want so here goes…The day I went to the Grand Palace and saw the Ramakien Mural was one of the hottest I’ve ever experienced. Worse still nobody is allowed to show their bare legs in royal palaces in Thailand, so I had trousers on! I was more sweaty than a ham sandwich wearing a Balaclava in a sauna.

For opening times and how to get there just click the link below.

The Royal Palace

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  1. 1. How fabulous. I’m sure it was stunning in person.
    2. Where does one hire an army of monkey warriors? I could totally use one.
    3. More sweat? Is it possible to get through one post without visions of your dripping body invading my thoughts?

    1. 1. It was/is.
      2. I’ll call the palace tomorrow and see if they’ve any leads as to where they are.
      3. Well it’s impossible to get through one minute outside without sweating so I’m telling it like it is.

      1. As much as your photos and posts make me want to visit Thailand… the sweat factor is a definite turn off. I mean how many heavily perspiring bloggers do we really need?

      2. (I make it sound worse than it is…it’s artistic licence…and I’m starting to sweat less than I was which is nice but also a worry as I may have to think of something else to moan about)

      3. I’m a loyal reader. I have faith you’ll find something equally as revolting…

      4. So nice to feel that someone has such faith in my ability to be revolting

      5. You have a gift. Use it wisely…

  2. Ah, there it is… my weekly sweat reference. I have been waiting, so thank you.

    I love monkey warriors! They’re what make The Wizard of Oz so great!

    On a serious note the mural looks really nice. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I’m glad I’ve scratched the sweat itch…some readers aren’t impressed with my sweat updates but I’ll keep you up to date with regular mentions of perspiration 😄

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