The Swimming Dog Of Bangkok

I hired a private long-tail boat a couple of days ago (that sounds like I’m super rich but they’re really cheap to hire) and explored some of the canals that are scattered all around Bangkok. I will write a longer post about that soon but I wanted to share a photo with you because for me, it deserves its very own post.

If you know me you’ll know that I am utterly crazy about dogs…like, crazy. I still harbour the dream of maybe starting a kennels for strays one day but I digress (maybe that story is also for another post). So imagine my joy as I headed off onto the canals and turning to my right hand side saw this wonderful sight.

The Dog Who Swims Instead Of Walks

I took the photo and said hello as my heart ballooned as it always does when I see a dog and the boat quickly slipped by. It was only later as I was looking through the photos of my trip that I realised something, the entire area is just canals with houses dotted along it. No roads, no gardens and no parks, just houses and water which made me realise that this dog doesn’t go for walkies, it goes for swimies! Cue heart melting again…and it melts every time I look at this photo. Take care swimming dog, be a good dog!

The Swimming Dog Of Bangkok

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  1. DoMoreBeMore says:

    Good thing he/she is a lab – they love the water! Can’t imagine my bulldog living here…she’d sink LOL. Hope there’s nothing bitey in the water when doggo goes for “swimmies”!!!

    1. Haha, yes I think this is only suitable for certain dogs and I don’t think the water has any bitey things!!

  2. Okay, I hate to be the killjoy here…. but we’re just assuming the dog swims. Truthfully, he doesn’t look very happy in that photo and might be wondering , “Where the hell am I supposed to poo?”

    1. Maybe it isn’t clear in the photo but he/she is soaking wet so either it likes swimming or someone has just chucked a bucket of water over it – that would explain the gloomy look I suppose.
      P. S don’t be a killjoy,
      P. P. S. Yes he may have trouble finding a place to poo but I’m sure his owners have got it covered

      1. His owners have got it covered… because he can’t? Got it.

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