My Love For Lumphini Park.

I often feel that I should open up more in these posts, share with you the ‘real’ me, so I’m going to share something that is very personal – I like going for a walks…There, I’ve said it, the cats out the bag, or as I like to say the ‘The breads out the water’ (I don’t really say that but it makes as much sense to me as the cat one…and why do we say ‘the cats out the bag’? Hang on…I’ll Google it…wait there…here is a photo that I took in Lumphini Park recently for you to look at while I’m gone…)

A View Of Lumphini Park

Hi, well I’ve done a bit of research and according to ‘Phrase Thesaurus’ the origin of the ‘cats out of the bag’ saying is…inconclusive…but the first known written record of it appeared in a 1760 book review in which the reviewer was scolding the writer of the book that was being reviewed, for giving an important twist too early. I could go on and write about this further but that’s not why I am writing today.

Today I want to tell you about my walks around Bangkok…well not all of them as that would probably be a novel and not a blog and let’s be honest, we’ve all got more important things to be doing than reading a novel about a man sweating a lot whilst walking around Bangkok…(or have we?)

The particular walk I go on regularly is the one that encompasses a major park in Bangkok called Lumphini Park…here comes the info for all of you learned types out there – The park was created in 1920 by King Rama VI. A statue of the king stands at the southwest entrance to the park. It was named after Lumbini who was a buddha, born in Nepal. Got it? Ok, lets move on….I keep getting sidetracked by research and facts when all I want to do is tell you about my love for this park. I’ve lost my train of thought now…I’ll just check my notes and get back to you, in the meantime here’s another photo of the park.

The Thai’s Have Found A Novel Way To Water The Plants – (Suck it out of the lake)

I’ve checked my notes and remembered that I don’t actually have any notes so I’ll just have to wing it…’wing it’ is an interesting saying isn’t it? I wonder…no, focus on the blog…it’s quite interesting though…it must be an old saying. Wait there, I’m just going to find out…here’s another photo from Lumphini Park, to look at while I’m gone…

Relaaaaaaax for goodness sake!!

According to the New Oxford American Dictionary the term ‘wing it’ comes from theatre slang, meaning to play a role in a play without properly knowing the text and therefore relying on a prompter who stood in the wing…fascinating stuff!

So, back to my real reason for writing today, my lovely walks around Lumphini Park. I know there may be plenty of others places to walk in Thailand, jungles and forests or along white sandy beaches which to many of you, may be more interesting and I will admit that a walk around Lumphini is hardly a walk on the wild side………Take a look at this, I’ll be back in a second.

The Perfect Place To Get Lost In Your Thoughts In A Hectic City

I can’t find much about the expression ‘Walk on the wild side’…sorry, a bit of a let down that. The only thing I found is that it’s an expression to describe doing so-called ‘naughty’ things ie drugs, having extra-marital affairs and other bad things. But there are no bad things on this blog, just a nice wholesome blog about how much I love walking around Lumphini Park.

I first discovered the park on my third visit to Thailand while I was booked into a hotel about 10 minutes walk from it. The hotel I was staying in was really nice and if you are looking for recommendations (something I should do on this blog) the hotels name was…was…it’s in here somewhere…’Hotel…

It’s Not Just The Usual Nature Views You Get At Lumphini But The Daily Routines Of The People That Work In It That I Love.

HOTEL URBANA! Fu…that was killing me! I knew I knew it but I just had to check.

Anyway, I really sorry that this blog isn’t going to plan and thanks for sticking with it. Maybe I’m not really focused today so I’ll just put more photographs up and let them do the talking, after all a picture is worth a thousand words….I…can’t not check! Look at this while I’m gone…

The Wildlife Is Much Better Than A Few Ducks!

Well apparently a lot of people it’s a saying spoken by Confucius but the earliest use of the phrase appeared in an advertisement for a newspaper in America in 1918…how depressing…I’ve nothing against America but it’s from an advert?! I thought it would be something really deep and you would be really impressed with me and tell all of your friends about that really interesting man whose blog you follow and they would start blogging just so they can follow me and I would become a world famous blogger and make millions of pounds…

…Oh well, here’s some photos of a truly wonderful park, I’m going to lay down for a bit…

Lumphini Park…lovely.
Lumphini Park…Nice
Lumphini Park…FU…CK

I am sorry this blog post didn’t go to plan and that I got so easily distracted…but I hope you have enjoyed the photos of this wonderful park and that you’ve also learned something about famous sayings along the way. Thank you for reading and please like and comment on any parks you like or if you have been to Lumphini.

Thanks for reading 🙂

(By the way, if you are not from an english speaking country and none of these saying made sense I apologise profusely)


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  1. DoMoreBeMore says:

    I love how some busy cities have beautiful big parks. Would love to explore the one in NYC one day. I’m pretty impressed by the size of the “ducks” you have around the lake tho – that’s one big gob!! (Hmmm I wonder if there’s an actual duck in there??!!) I used to have this really cool book called something like “Origins” – it was a reference book that explained how sayings came about. I’d lend it to you but it’s way more fun watching you disappear and reappear 😉

    1. Haha, if I had that book I’d probably never write this blog at all! Glad you liked it though. I’ve just read your deserted island post and loved it. Wow, what a thing to experience as a nice year old 😮

      1. DoMoreBeMore says:

        It was an amazing experience for a tomboy! My sister is a girly-girl … pretty sure she didn’t have as much fun LOL

  2. Great pictures of the park and info on phrase origins, but what the heck is that creature in the 4th picture from the bottom???? I’ll wait here while you look that up and get back to me, even though there are no more pictures of parks to distract me. I know, I’ll make another coffee…I’m back. Where’s the info on that creature dammit?!?!

    1. Sorry of your coffee has gone cold! They’re called Monitor Lizards and they pretty much have the freedom of the park! Some of them are huge! But don’t worry, they’re pretty slow on land so I’m always able to run away!

  3. A truly lovely park. And some wonderful photos… but once again you’ve missed the most important part. Swan boats? They have swan boats!!!

    1. Yes, they do! But they’re not real swans, I’m sorry. I did try and ride on a real swan once but I can’t talk about that for legal reasons

      1. False swanning? What’s the world coming to…?

  4. It’s one of my favorite parks, too. 🌲 Well done on the blog. It was funnyyyy and informative. 😄

  5. You’ve picked up your photo game. Much better than stock pictures lol

    1. Oi I’ve only used stock photos in 3 posts cheeky 😄

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