The Temples of Chiang Mai: Part 1

For the new year holidays I went to Chiang Mai for the first time…yes I know that seems like ages ago but I am not writing this blog in real-time, I am writing it in ‘when-I-can-be-bothered’ time. I didn’t know too much before I arrived, but now I can tell you that Chiang Mai has temples… lots of them!

One Of Thailand’s Oldest City’s

Chiang Mai (which translates to ‘New City’) was founded in 1294 by a man known as Mangrai (I see the connection!) and is the largest city in northern Thailand. The town sits along the banks of the Ping River surrounded by huge mountains including Thailand’s highest peak, Doi Inthanon (2,565 metres). The ancient city wall still surrounds much of the old city, and it’s famous for being the home to lots of temples…no really, LOTS. According to my extensive research (a quick 3 minutes search on Google), there are around 300 temples in Chiang Mai – that’s almost as many as there are 7-11 convenience stores!

I knew before I arrived that I would see plenty of temples, but I was taken aback by the multitude of them. There seemed to be one around every corner, some large and imposing and some just small and unassuming, almost unnoticeable. Having dropped off my bag at the hotel, I made my way out to explore. Within minutes came across this temple.

My First Chiang Mai Temple Discovery

Beautiful And Deserted

The grounds around it were empty, but I could hear sounds coming out of half-opened windows that suggested life was happening around me. It was almost eerie that I couldn’t see anyone and I began to wonder if I was even allowed in there. I could just see a glint coming from the Buddha inside, so I stepped further towards the temple and made my way inside to find this view…


It was so beautiful, the wood, the Buddha, all of the flowers around the altar and the ambience which was so calming that I stopped hearing the roar and horns of the cars just 30 feet away. I promise you that the lady kneeling isn’t a paid actress flown in to help me take an excellent photograph, she was utterly silent, and I don’t even think she heard me. I felt almost like an intruder and didn’t want to disrespect anyone or distract this lady from her prayer, so I slowly backed out and made my way out.

Wat Chedi Luang

The following morning I made my way to a temple known as Wat Chedi Luang, which is the historic centre of Chiang Mai. It was completed in the mid-15th century and at one time housed the Emerald Buddha which I have written about previously Here

It stands at 60 metres high and has a distinct aura…

Wat Chedi Luang

Here is another side of the same building…

chedhi luang
Wat Chedi Luang

Well squash my plums and call me Betsy! Isn’t it a sight to just stare at? Go on…stare at it, I’ll wait………Hi, welcome back, you were ages!

Its original height was said to be 82 metres, but a massive earthquake struck in 1545 leaving us with what we see today. It’s hard to show the scale of the temple in these photos. Sadly, the actress I’d hired for the first temple had decided to leave due to artistic differences. She still owes me money, but I can’t say any more on the subject due to the ongoing court case. But all is forgotten when looing on this temple; it is mind-blowing.

To me, this wasn’t a religious experience. I am not a religious person, but I am a big history buff and seeing this building, knowing how old it was and imagining the ceremonies that would have gone on here blew me away!

I love the fact that the authorities haven’t tried to get rid of the plants growing in its old crevices. I’m sure they must have to preserve it from time to time, but they’re not trying to hide it. Being slightly selfish, I would have loved to have gone up to the top, but I think it’s understandable that they don’t let a sweaty British idiot clamber all over it!

Oh Just Some More Stunning Chiang Mai Temples

By now, I had a thirst to see more temples, and I knew I wouldn’t have to wait too long or indeed walk too far before I stumbled across another one. It seemed that every road I walked along brought me to another temple. If I had a piece of cake for every temple I stumbled across in Chiang Mai; I’d be a rather large Brit, as well as a sweaty one. The following three photos are from the same site, they weren’t marked on Google maps, and I stupidly didn’t make a note of any names to identify where this is.

Just another amazing temple in Chiang Mai
Yeah, just another standard temple…bit boring now isn’t it!

There was no one here. I had this patch all to myself. If these two buildings were in the UK, it would be gridlock with people. It was all the more special that I had these moments to myself. I found myself just standing still. The calmness of the place and the complete silence, left me repeating ‘wow’ to myself.

A Budding Historian

I don’t know how old this site was. I have no way of checking because, as I said, I didn’t even take note of where exactly I was (what an outstanding bit of historical research this is). Still, I think it was ancient, even older than my fashion sense and that is well old (see, outstanding research!) Then I saw this and knew it was an old site…

A Really Old Thing I Don’t Know The Name Of

Seeing things of such old age and beauty puts life into perspective for me. These temples and buildings have been here for hundreds of years, thousands of eyes over time have feasted on them. The human mind can make such beautiful things. It’s a shame we use so much of our brainpower worrying about the small stuff and the unimportant. If we could only focus more on making things of beauty, we would all be in a better place.

As I was writing this blog post, I soon realised that I could go on and on and post more photos of temples, so I think I will go back to the top and add ‘Part 1’ to the title and write another one.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it, and if you didn’t enjoy the words you at least liked the images 🙂

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I will admit that Wikipedia gives a slightly better summation of Wat Chedi Luang

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  1. Beautiful pictures and funny post. Looking forward to part 2.

    1. Thank you 😊. Hopefully I’ll finish part 2 soon….! 😂

  2. I love the photo of Wat Chedi Luang. I would just stand in awe of the beauty and detail.

    1. Yes it is beautiful isn’t it. It’s very hard for me to describe how much I loved it there!

      1. I’ll be heading that way in 3 weeks for one week vacation. I’m hoping to see some too. 😊

      2. You’ll have a great time and you can’t miss the Temples, they’re everywhere 😄

  3. Amy says:

    love the way you writes! And thoroughly enjoyed this! Can’t wait to get there!!

    1. Thank you so much Amy! Are you going there soon? It’s a beautiful place.

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