The Thai Art of Being Able To Sleep Anywhere!

Thai people seem to have mastered the art of being able to sleep anywhere, and here is the proof!

Thailand – a country of stunning natural beauty! A country with a cuisine adored by the entire world! A country that’s known to everyone as ‘The Land of Smiles’. It’s also a country where it seems its inhabitants can sleep anywhere, anytime.

I love sleeping, I’d like to sleep more. I’d like to be sleeping now but I am writing this in the hope that it gives someone a small moment of joy and happiness and that, in turn, would help give meaning to my life – a life that as yet has little or no meaning. So knowing you enjoyed this will help me to continue on my ‘journey’, (please, this is my sense of humour…go with me 🙂 )

Sleeping At The Drop Of A Hat

The people of Thailand also seem to like sleeping and seem to be able to do so at the drop of a hat, (where DO we get the term, ‘drop of a hat’? Why ‘hat’? Why not…well, literally anything else?….update: I’ve just checked and it has to do with starting races or fights. It originates from the 19th century and ‘dropping a hat’ signified a quick start…see, you can learn on this blog!)

Now, before I continue, I need to stress that I am in no way mocking the Thai people for this trait or insinuating they are lazy – the Thai people are some of the hardest working people I’ve met…maybe this explains their unique ability to sleep where they stand?

I write this post in admiration at a skill that I have never come across before. Sure, we all have that friend who can fall asleep standing up but Thailand is a country full of that friend.

Thai people can sleep anywhere
Sleeping Thai

Also, it’s not just that they can sleep anywhere it’s that they can do it in the most uncomfortable positions!

a tuk tuk driver that can sleep anywhere
Sleeping Tuk Tuk Driver Next To A Busy Road

A Peaceful Nap

The road that this tuk-tuk driver is sleeping next to has SIX LANES of the noisiest traffic I’ve ever encountered. This sleeping man really is showing a skill that is the envy of every single person that has suffered from the slightest bout of insomnia. Is this a skill that they train for, working towards this every day, or is it something they are just born with, a natural ability – the Johan Cruyff of sleepers!

elderly many sleeping in a park on a hot day
Did his friends leave him and their chairs there?

I saw this man on one of my walks in Lumphini Park and with all of the chairs around him, I imagined he had been there so long that the people he was sat with just left him there as if it’s a normal thing to do.

I feel that I don’t need to write much more about this subject (I’ve also only got 30 minutes free wi-fi at the hotel I’m staying at and I won’t pay for more) but I feel this is only part 1 of the sleeping Thai’s as I am sure I will see many more – I just hope they don’t catch me photographing them!

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  1. They must be the world leaders in airplane sleeping. I could use that skill.

    1. Oh my – I would give my right arm to be able to sleep well on a plane!

  2. Maybe we should move to Thailand when my husband retires, he can sleep anywhere, anytime and often in the middle of a conversation with me.

    1. Haha – he will fit right in!

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