The Big Dog Cafe Bangkok

Are you a dog lover? Are you in or planning on being in Bangkok? Well, if you are, then The Big Dog Cafe in Bangkok is a must visit place for you…

I love dogs. I maybe love them more than most humans. It’s certainly not an exaggeration to say that I like dogs as much as a cake which is a lot, so when I saw ‘The Big Dog Cafe’ on-line I knew it was somewhere I had to visit.

I packed the same bag of essentials I do before going anywhere in Bangkok, sun lotion, my baseball cap (to wear on my head). A blow-up sex doll with a photo of my face sellotaped onto its head (a distraction for anyone trying to follow me). Four spare t-shirts (all in the colour beige), 63 additional pairs of underpants (you can never be too careful), a phone charger and two hollowed-out melons (to be used as replacements for my trainers if they’re stolen), and I was off!

Where Is The Big Dog Cafe?

The Big Dog Cafe is situated on Ratchadaphisek Road, next to the Thailand Cultural Centre metro station. Once you exit the metro station, or MRT as its more commonly known, take a left, and you can’t miss it.

Once there, I was greeted by a member of staff and told I could either have something to eat first or go straight into the dog’s room. The food there looked nice, but I hadn’t made the trip here to eat some cake, (I do love cake, but I love dogs a bit more…although, I wish I hadn’t written the word ‘cake’ in this post…I could…No! No!Resist!) Here’s a photo I’ve taken from Google images of a cake to tide me over…

Lovely cake.

Big Dog Or Cake?

As politely as I could I said to the member of staff, “Don’t tell me you have cake, don’t show me any cake, don’t even say the word cake”. She seemed to understand that I was joking, but I let out a laugh to make sure she understood. She smiled awkwardly at me and showed me into the area where the dogs are allowed to roam free.

The dog room is separated from the cafe area by glass doors which at first left me feeling slightly disappointed. I’d imagined the dogs would be mingling around so you could give them a stroke. Or maybe grab a cuddle while allowing them to hump your leg as you drank tea. Once you see the size of the dogs, you realise having them in the cafe area would be absolute pandemonium. It’s a cafe that has big dogs in it, not a big cafe with dogs!

Also, if the dogs were allowed in the cafe, there would be a very high chance the dogs would be massively overweight. The number of tidbits they’d receive would result in a cafe full of overweight, lazy dogs whose only exercise was stealing peoples food.

In With The Big Dogs

Overall there are 20 dogs in the cafe but they only come out three at a time for fifteen minutes. Again this wasn’t something I was expecting but it’s definitely the right thing to do as it gives the dogs a break from all the over-excited customers of which there was plenty of.

When I first entered the dog room, it felt chaotic due to a lot of people all vying for three dogs attention. The words ‘screeching’ and ‘ear-splitting’ are two words that come to mind when trying to describe the noise by some of the people that were there.

I wanted to yell at everyone in the room that I loved dogs more than they did and that they should all just be quiet a watch me play on the floor with every dog individually for five minutes per dog.

I realised that this was slightly unreasonable of me. Hence, I just stood there, alone, with only my internal monologue for company which went something along the lines of, “Oh my God, please love me doggie” over and over again.  I soon realised that if I stood in one place the dogs, with their curious minds, eventually made their towards me.

A Stolen Heart

All the dogs looked healthy and happy, which had been a slight concern of mine before I’d arrived, and they were all incredibly friendly. They had many different breeds there from Afghan Hounds to Hungarian Komondor’s to Chinese Chow Chows. One dog, in particular, stole my heart, an Alaskan Malamute called BC.

I have no idea what’s going on with his name or what it means. I did ask him, but he just licked my forearm.

My New Friend at The Big Dog Cafe Bangkok

BC was so relaxed and friendly despite the fact he’s looking away from me in the photo, (‘thanks’ BC) that I fell for him right away. If I’d had pockets big enough I would’ve tried to leave with him!

The Toilets At The Big Dog Cafe

After a while, I had to get out and give myself time to calm down, take some deep breaths and tell myself that I couldn’t take BC or any of the other dogs home (stupid rules and acceptable behaviour!) As I entered the bathroom something strange happened…no, not that…I wouldn’t write about that in this blog. I saw a sign that confused me and still does…here it is…

Would You Wash Your Feet In This?

I haven’t seen any other signs like this or anything similar in all my time in Thailand. Are people going specifically to the Big Dog Cafe and washing their feet in the lavatory?? What kind of world are we living in when you can’t go to a dog cafe without the worry that someone is washing there feet in a toilet? But probably more important than that is…who the hell washes their feet in a shitter??! It’s questions like this and ‘if we used to use candles to tell then time, how did we find out how long it took for a candle to burn? Did someone sit there and count as a candle burned?’ Questions like that can keep me awake at night.

Go To The Big Dog Cafe

Anyway, despite feet-washing-in-the-bog-gate, a trip to the big dog cafe Bangkok is a beautiful experience. With twenty dogs all rotating every fifteen minutes it took about two hours to see them all, therefore well worth the 200 Baht (just under £4) entrance fee. I wish I’d got more photographs, but with all the people trying to get a snap, I stood back from that and just enjoyed playing with them.

The staff there seemed to care for the dogs, and as I said, all the dogs looked relaxed, healthy and happy. If I had to have one gripe about my visit is was that I didn’t get to see any of them in the swimming pool. The pool’s location is next to the dog room, but under renovation, so I was all out of luck. At times it also felt like there were too many people all vying for the dog’s attention. Still, it was a Saturday afternoon, so I’d imagine if you went during the week, you’d have a bit more quality time with each dog…that’s when I’ll be going when I visit next time after I’ve worked out a plan to steal BC!

For more info and the address for the big dog cafe Bangkok, follow this link

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The Big Dog Cafe

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  1. DoMoreBeMore says:

    Thankfully I’m a dog lover too so hopefully you won’t boot me off your blog 😉😋 I’m with you, I’d be spending all day there too … but maybe rescuing a street pupper would keep you out of a Thai jail (as adorable as BC is!) 😉 I’m curious tho… did the blow up doll work???

    1. Hahaha – no the blow up doll was useless 😂. And yes I see some of these street dogs in Thailand and I want to take them all home. If I could I would in a heartbeat. The time will come when I will. And I’m glad I don’t have to boot you off this blog 😄

  2. Funny post. I would love to see that place. I recently read another blogger’s post about a similar place but with cats. Wanna go there, too.

    1. Thank you! I’ve also read about the cat cafe (I think there may be a few in Bangkok) but it’s on my list – so look out for the blog as some point 😉

  3. Dog cafes are a wonderful idea for the forced to be petless. All the doggie love and none of the fleas.
    But let’s get to the real meat of this post… please find someone who washes their feet in the toilet and conduct a proper interview. With photos.

    1. I’m glad you focused on the real topic of this post. I shall put an advert in a window for volunteers and complete a 10,000 word thesis.

      1. Marvelous. I anxiously await the results…

    1. Thank you for this 🙂 Made my day!!

      1. DoMoreBeMore says:

        You’re very welcome 🙂 I actually can’t wait to visit the Big Dog Cafe! I’ll have to get the address of the Thai boxing from you so I can add that to my map too!

      2. I think it’ll give you the address if you click the link at the bottom of the post…unless I forgot to add it…

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