The Dog That Sleeps In The Middle Of The Road.

I saw many wonderful sights on my recent trip to Chiang Mai over the New Year holiday. I have images that will stay with me forever, memories of sky lanterns filling the sky as the clock neared midnight on new years eve, the bustling sunday market where you can buy pretty much anything you can think of, the peaks of the surrounding mountains poking above misty clouds, the temples that took my breath away with their beauty. But one of the things I’ll remember clearest of all is seeing the dog that sleeps in the middle of the road and not just any road but on a junction at one of the busiest crossroads that takes you into the old part of the city.

Here he is after someone had the audacity to drive a bit too close and therefore waking him up.

sleeping dog
The Sleeping Dog of Chiang Mai

As I approached the dog it was fast asleep and I actually had a sinking feeling in my stomach, thinking he’d been hit by a car and left to die. As I quickened my pace to get to him I was relived to see his head pop up and then let out a huge yawn, nonplussed to the traffic zipping past him.

The surreal thing was that nobody seemed to mind, the cars kept safely out of his way, nobody was honking their horns trying to get him to move and the locals in the surrounding shops barely paid him any attention at all, it seemed ‘normal’ to them and something that wasn’t out of the ordinary.

Later that same day I walked back to my hotel and there he was again, happy, relaxed and basically looking like he was curled up in front of the fire in a house.

I’ll never know his name or probably see him again but this dog could teach us all a thing or two – do what makes you happy in life and don’t let anyone or anything stop you, even if that thing is sleeping in the middle of a crossroads on a busy street (although I wouldn’t advise you actually do that).

The Dog That Sleeps In The Middle Of The Road

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  1. Gabby Lewis says:

    I saw so many dogs like this in Bali, asleep on the road, traffic whizzing by! I found out that due to the mainly Hindu culture of Bali, they believe every living thing has a place in the world, so they go out of their way to be careful of all living things. Balinese Hinduism has roots in Buddhism … perhaps that’s why your doggy friend was relatively safe?

    1. That would make sense, I’d never thought of it like that! It would be a matter of minutes in the UK before someone was getting irate with it 😄. He certainly seemed comfortable with his situation.

  2. Oh my gosh I love him! How cute!

  3. Oh my Gish I love him! How cute!

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