Paul Dance – Freelance Writer

Hello, and welcome to the fascinating homepage!! As you can guess from the title of this page, my name is Paul Dance, and I am a freelance writer based in Thailand.

The homepage is…well, maybe someone can help me out here? What you are reading is my very first attempt at a homepage…It’s kind of like the ‘About Me’ page but…different. In fact, this one Who Am I? is more like an about me page.

Despite my talent as a writer, and my fondness of an ellipsis… I’m not sure what one writes on his or her ‘homepage’?

I like writing…that’s a pretty good start. I am also quite good at writing, or so I am told… (this homepage is warming up now). Writing is my passion, whether for myself or other people…wow, we are now cooking on what is called ‘full gas.’

What I Do.

I have written several books as a comedy character called Henri H Henry and you can find them Here

Over the coming months, I plan to release one short comedy book per month with each one based on a topic of historical importance. You can see more of my work as Henri H Henry by clicking the link.

I have experience in writing content for websites, magazines and, for many years, I wrote comedy shows performed at the Edinburgh Festival as well as for radio shows such as Radio Four’s Newsjack. You can find more information on my comedy writing via the links at the top of this…the homepage.

This homepage is getting quite impressive now, isn’t it?!

I am also skilled in community management and content writing, having worked for a London PR company, Truffle Social. 

I currently live in Thailand, and so I’m available for any freelance writing work involving life here. Articles, reviews or any aspect of Thailand life can all be provided with enthusiasm and knowledge. You can take a peek at my Things To Do In Thailand page for more.

I can also write killer homepages!

Please contact me with any questions you may have about work, collaborations or this very impressive homepage.

If you wish to take a look at my work, you can browse my My Thailand Blog or take a look at a piece I wrote for ShortCom



Paul Dance - Freelance Writer