Paul Dance – Freelance Writer

Hello, my name is Paul Dance and I am a freelance writer. Writing is my passion, I love to write for other people. I have experience in writing internet content, magazines and for many years I wrote comedy shows performed at the Edinburgh Festival as well as for radio shows such as Radio Four’s Newsjack.

I am also skilled in community management having worked for a London PR company, Truffle Social. 

While available for all fields of writing such as website content, magazines, scripts. I can also provide feedback on any material you already have but need a fresh pair of eyes.

I currently live in Thailand so I’m available for any freelance writing work involving life here. I can provide articles, reviews on any aspect of Thailand and with having lived here for over a year I have extensive knowledge and contacts.

You won’t get the ‘hard sell’ from me, I just enjoy life being a freelance writer and helping people with ideas…and I’m never happy until you’re happy  🙂 

Please contact me with any questions you may have and we can take it from there.

If you wish to take a look at my work you can browse my My Thailand Blog or take a look at a piece I wrote for ShortCom




Paul Dance - Freelance Writer