Paul Dance – Freelance Writer

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Hello, I’m Paul, and I’m a freelance writer. I’m sure you can tell by the fact my page title consists of the word ‘writer’. I also added an image of a pencil in the picture above, just to clear up any possible confusion about what I do.

What I Do.

My background is comedy writing, you can see an attempt at it in the paragraph above. But I am skilled in all forms of writing, with an eye for detail and knowledge in multiple fields.

I’m also an author of several comedy books which can be reached via my Henri H Henry page.

I have experience in writing content for websites, magazines and, for many years, I wrote comedy shows performed at the Edinburgh Festival. I’ve also written for radio shows such as Radio Four’s News.

Writing For You

You can hire me for any community management and any content writing you may need, having worked for London PR companies, Truffle Social and Social System. 

If you would like to check out my writing portfolio please click here

My main niche topics include comedy, music, and history but can easily turn my hand to most areas. I currently live in Thailand, and available for any freelance writing work involving life here. Articles, reviews, or any aspect of Thailand life can all be provided with enthusiasm and knowledge.

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Paul Dance - Freelance Writer